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SOBRIETYServing Others Becomes Really Important Especially To Yourself
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This Thwackum was fellow of a college, where he almost entirely resided; and had a great reputation for learning, religion, and sobriety of manners.
A man may be very sober--or at least firmly set upon his legs on that neutral ground which lies between the confines of perfect sobriety and slight tipsiness--and yet feel a strong tendency to mingle up present circumstances with others which have no manner of connection with them; to confound all consideration of persons, things, times, and places; and to jumble his disjointed thoughts together in a kind of mental kaleidoscope, producing combinations as unexpected as they are transitory.
These primitive statesmen, therefore -- Bradstreet, Endicott, Dudley, Bellingham, and their compeers -- who were elevated to power by the early choice of the people, seem to have been not often brilliant, but distinguished by a ponderous sobriety, rather than activity of intellect.
Madam," he pursued, "I have a Master to serve whose kingdom is not of this world: my mission is to mortify in these girls the lusts of the flesh; to teach them to clothe themselves with shame-facedness and sobriety, not with braided hair and costly apparel; and each of the young persons before us has a string of hair twisted in plaits which vanity itself might have woven; these, I repeat, must be cut off; think of the time wasted, of--"
This declaration brought on a loud and overpowering reply, of which no part was very distinct, except the frequent exclamations, amounting almost to oaths, which adorned it, and Catherine was left, when it ended, with rather a strengthened belief of there being a great deal of wine drunk in Oxford, and the same happy conviction of her brother's comparative sobriety.
15 ( ANI ): Fans have been pouring in congratulatory and cheering messages to make the occasion of six years of sobriety for American singer-songwriter-actress, Demi Lovato.
Affleck's girlfriend and closest friends are all supportive of his sobriety as well.
With "One More Trip," Wilder seeks to peel back the layers of addiction and sobriety to ask the most important question: Why?
Jo-Ann Petinglay, spokesperson for the Western Mindanao Command, appealed for 'prayers and sobriety,' as the military sought immediate resolution of the case.
by Anonymous, takes the reader on a journey to a new level of sobriety - emotional sobriety.
In relating his young adulthood of addiction, relapse, and eventual, tenuous sobriety, Mohr opts for the uncut truth.
More than 90 per cent of the 111 offenders fitted with sobriety tags hit the target 120-day period without touching alcohol.