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One of this group, the current President of Brazil, Fernando Cardoso, was the first sociologist to become a president (an opportunity Max Weber turned down when the Weimar Republic was being established).
Although many people consider weight a personal problem, in many cases, body weight issues have become social problems," adds coeditor Donna Maurer, a sociologist and a John S.
They appeared in J993 in Full Pews and Empty Altars, a 437-page volume coauthored by Lawrence Wright, a sociologist from Utah.
a sociologist, commented, We have a system in place which is free for all.
In an open letter sent Sunday, sociologist, Tsvetozar Tomov, declares he is leaving the University over the shame and embarrassment inflicted by awarding the title to the football player.
The unprecedented size and scope of the new study make its findings "very exciting," remarks sociologist Linda J.
comments Juliet Schor, an economist and sociologist.
According to sociologist Dean Hoge's new book, The First Five Years of the Priesthood (Liturgical Press):
Not merely the title of a new French journal, conceived by philosopher Isabelle Stengers and sociologist of science Bruno Latour, but the name given to political systems that also embrace the nonhuman, according a place to trees, whales, genes, seas, mountains--en to the Gulf Stream, currently threatened by global warming.
The author, a vegan and sociologist, devotes most of the book to an analysis of how people become vegetarians; he describes the vegetarian "movement" with an unabashed bias toward this lifestyle choice as a "morally" superior one.
For this book, sociologist Kathleen Blee interviewed thirty-four women from the Klan, the Christian Identity movements, and neo-Nazi skinhead groups.
With Fighting Words: Black Women and the Search for Justice, sociologist and social theorist Patricia Hill Collins extends the arguments she began eight years ago in Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment.