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SODASymposium On Discrete Algorithms
SODASimple Object Database Access (database query)
SODAStatement of Demonstrated Ability
SODAStudents Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol
SODAServices Oriented Development of Applications
SODASygate On-Demand Agent
SODAService-Oriented Development Architecture
SODAStructural Optimization Design and Analysis
SoDASoftware Document Automation (Rational)
SODASpacecraft Orbit Design and Analysis
SODAStatistical Outbreak Detection Algorithm
SODASpace Operations Directive Agreement (NASA)
SODAStamp Out Dumb Acronyms :-)
SODASight Operational Data Acquisition
SODASystem Optimization & Design Algorithm
SODASibling of Deaf Adult/American
SODASociety of Dramatic Arts (Lawrence Technological University; Southfield, MI)
SODAStart of Day Activity (education)
SODAScheme of Delegated Authority (UK)
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A girl Sanum said,'I love to drink lemon sada,whenever i come for shopping i must drink lemon soda.
The rising demand for washing soda from silicates and fiberglass is expected to propel the market growth for washing soda in the coming years, says Ajay Adikari, a lead analyst at Technavio for research on specialty chemicals.
SONIC Drive-In (Nasdaq:SONC), operator of a drive-in restaurant chain, announced on Friday a new line of sweet cream sodas, offering a throw-back taste of classic flavours the old-fashioned way with a new-fashioned pop.
The attack on Big Soda will be familiar to many readers.
The Soda Stream System is also "green friendly" by helping the environment when making soda at home by lessening the millions of plastic bottles that go into landfills each year.
Although the soda drinkers had less healthy diets, both groups failed to meet recommendations for certain nutrients.
Available in three styles--the Fountain Jet, Edition I or the Penguin--the nonelectric soda maker comes in kits that start at $80 and that include such soda-making supplies as carbonating bottles.
During the season, Jones Soda also offered a limited edition Seahawks Collector Pack in local stores and online featuring football-inspired flavors: Dirt Soda, Sports Cream Soda, Perspiration Soda, Natural Field Turf Soda, and Sweet Victory Soda.
7 Put the soda lid on the bottle and tighten the lid.
Kids just bring their own soda from home, if they want it," he says.
A single 12-ounce can of soda contains around 13 teaspoons of sugar, usually in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
In some regions, he said, Soda Pop Girls are outperforming Bratz, which themselves have seen double-digit sale increases over last year.