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NaClSodium Chloride (table salt)
NaClNorth American Coating Laboratories (Mentor, OH)
NaClNagarjuna Agrichem Limited (India)
NaClNetwork Against Child Labour (est. 1990; South Africa)
NaClNational Association of Letter Carriers
NaClNo Access Card Left (telephony)
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Moreover, he explained that Egypt's production of sodium chloride accounts for 2% of global production, as the local market produces 8.
5, and added 1% pectin, 1% whey, collagen, or milk protein, sodium chloride, sucrose and oil each at 5% and 10% levels, to develop a model for flavored tomato sauces.
In the food sector, sodium chloride is mainly used for seasoning, colouring, curing meats, preserving fish, etc.
The approval of an additional manufacturing site for Sodium Chloride Injection in the U.
9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, more commonly known as saline, have been listed in drug shortage databases maintained by the US FDA and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists over the past two years, according to the company.
As a result Samuel was wrongly given 50ml of a sodium chloride solution despite a registrar prescribing just 5ml.
Scientists at Bowling Green State University wanted to see how effective hydrogen peroxide, sodium chloride and distilled water would be in reducing E.
25 %) of sodium either from sodium chloride or sodium bicarbonate were assigned to 240 day old Hubbard broilers.
I did my master's thesis in groundwater geology at Wayne State University in Detroit and found that a household water softener can add up to 1,000 pounds of sodium chloride annually per household.
Under the agreements, which are each 20 years or more in length, Tetra will acquire its bromine requirements from Chemtura; Tetra will make a significant investment in the construction of a processing facility on property adjacent to Chemtura's El Dorado, AR, facility for the extraction of calcium chloride and other salts from tall brines purchased from Chemtura; Tetra will make an investment in Chemtura's bromine operations; Tetra will sell sodium chloride and magnesium hydroxide extracted from the tail brine to Chemtura for use as a feedstock for chlorine production and as a flame retardant and/or neutralization agent, respectively; and Chemtura will have the right to participate in future development or purchase of Tetra's brine leases, should Tetra elect to joint develop or divest.
So, much of that chloride probably comes from road salt, which contains predominantly sodium chloride, the researchers say in the Sept.
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