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NaCNSodium Cyanide
NaCNNorth American Cellular Network
NaCNNorth Antrim Community Network (Ireland)
NaCNNational Association of Catholic Nurses (Lisle, IL)
NaCNNational Attorney of Color Network (New York, NY)
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began sales of Cyanco's sodium cyanide in Mexico and now operate a distribution terminal in Hermosillo, Mexico.
FMC'S sodium cyanide plant is expected to consume approximately half of the caustic output.
Sodium cyanide had been found as far as around one kilometre (0.
It took salvage workers about four hours to remove the container with sodium cyanide from the river, 155 miles east of the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.
By reducing evaporation, the cover will also decrease consumption of reagents that are recycled such as sodium cyanide and pH modifiers such as lime and sodium hydroxide.
Around 700 tonnes" of sodium cyanide was being stored at the warehouse where the blasts took place, He Shusheng, a Tianjin vice mayor, told a news conference.
Tenders are invited for Supply of sodium cyanide (nacn)min 98% purity