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NAFLNorth American Football League (semi-professional; Eden Prairie, MN)
NAFLNon-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (disease)
NAFLSodium Fluoride
NAFLNational Association of Freight Logistics (Dubai, UAE)
NAFLNetherlands Antilles Florin (currency)
NAFLNational Association Football League
NAFLNearly Antiferromagnetic Fermi Liquids
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Wefel, A Critical Review of the Relative Anticaries Efficacy of Sodium Fluoride and Sodium Monofluorophosphate Dentifrices, Caries Research, 27, 337 (1993).
Conclusion: Professionally applied 5% sodium fluoride varnish can remineralise early enamel caries and 38% silver diamine fluoride is effective in arresting dentine caries.
Key Words: Sodium Fluoride, Hepatotoxicity, Vitamin E.
Acidification of blood is superior to sodium fluoride alone as an inhibitor of glycolysis.
Effectiveness of chlorhexidine and sodium fluoride in reducing dentin hypersensitivity.
2% sodium fluoride, and PF-values of 30% to 59% were found.
1]) was prepared from sodium fluoride (NaF; USP reference standard which was dried for 4 hours at 150[degrees]C and then cooled in a dessicator before use).
Several uncontrolled orphan drug studies in this country and one placebo-controlled study in Europe have shown that the administration of sodium fluoride will slow or halt the progression of the hearing loss that occurs with otosclerosis.
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