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NAINetwork Advertising Initiative
NAINetherlands Architecture Institute
NAINordic Africa Institute
NAINew and Improved
NAISodium Iodide
NAINetwork Access Identifier (Wireless IP Network Architecture)
NAINASA Astrobiology Institute
NAINetwork Associates, Inc.
NAINo Adverse Impact (flood mitigation)
NAINorth American Indian (language)
NAINetwork Application Interface
NAINetwork Access Interrupt
NAINetwork Access Identifier
NAINetwork Associates Inc.
NAINorwegian Air International (Dublin, Ireland, UK)
NAINon-Accidental Injury (healthcare)
NAINamed Area of Interest
NAINotifiable Avian Influenza (surveillance system)
NAINo Action Indicated (US FDA)
NAINew Americans Initiative (various organizations)
NAINew Age Industrial (Morton, KS)
NAINew America International
NAINachrichten Aus Israel
NAINorth American Initiative
NAINational Aerospace Initiative
NAINational Associates, Inc.
NAINews America Incorporated (Delaware)
NAINew Africa Investments (South Africa)
NAINew Asia Industries (Vietnam)
NAINature of Address Indicator (SS7 SCCP)
NAINational Assessment Institute, Inc. (testing and certification service)
NAINo Advice Intended
NAINo Artificial Ingredients (book)
NAINürnberger Altersinventar
NAINetwork Application Integration
NAINacelle Anti-Ice (aviation)
NAINorthwest Avalanche Institute
NAINeutral Atom Imager
NAINATO Analog Interface (connects NATO analog signal equipment to the MSE/DGM network)
NAINic Augustus Investigations (Baltimore, MD)
NAINaval Ammunition Interchangeability
NAINorth American Inks
NAINuclear Accident or Incident
NAINational Account Index
NAINetwork Applications Incorporated
NAINetwork Access Index
NAINumber of Active Ingredients (pharmaceutical industry)
NAINeuraminidase Activity Inhibition
NAINo Airborne Intercept
NAINavy Action Item
NAINetwork Application Installer
NAINigerian Association Ireland (est. 2005)
NAINumerof and Associates, Inc. (Saint Louis, MO)
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Caption: Figure 6: The variation of the calculated photopeak efficiency of 7.62 x 7.62 [cm.sup.2] NaI(Tl) well-type sodium iodide detector as a function of photon energy.
Caption: Figure 4: Palmitic acid downregulates the activity of thyroglobulin (Tg), sodium iodide symporter (NIS), and thyroperoxidase (TPO) in human primary thyrocytes.
A perspective view of sodium iodide symporter research and its clinical implications.
Oncolytic measles virus encoding thyroidal sodium iodide symporter for squamous cell cancer of the head and neck radiovirotherapy.
After the course of sodium iodide treatment, dogs with so-called local or regional tumors lived another 839 days, on average.
A sodium iodide symporter is genetically fused to either the N-terminus or C-terminus of the product of a transgene through a linker peptide which bears the recognition sequence of a host cell protease.
The potassium ion -- crown complex replaces the sodium ion in the clay and leaves sodium iodide in solution.
A high purity germanium detector was found to produce a better response than a thallium activated sodium iodide crystal.
All radiation detection devices sense radiation using either a sodium iodide crystal or a plastic scintillator.
Iodized Salt: Table salt to which sodium iodide is added back after processing.
Tenders are invited for supply of radiopharmaceutical diagnostic equipment sodium iodide 123i (ea-76)