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SODSSaskatoon Open Door Society (est. 1981; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SODSSubordinate Operations Data System
SODSService Order Download System (United)
SODSSpace Operation and Data System
SODSSignificant Others' Drug Use Survey (psychology)
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I have took but little comfort sin’ your father come on with his settlers; but I wouldn’t go far, while the life was in the body that lies under the sod there.
It seemed as if the grass were about to run over them, and over the plum-patch behind the sod chicken-house.
Occasionally we caught glimpses of horrid beasts all during the day; but, fortunately, we were never far from a sward island, and when they saw us their pursuit always ended at the verge of the solid sod.
SOD B "could play a preventive role by protecting against any physiological alteration," according to Benoit Lemaire, business marketing.
sod that is well maintained by members of a local church or cemetery association.
Because sod plants can only reproduce by rhizomes, natural selection pressure in the sod habitat would favor genotypes with a greater tolerance for frequent defoliation and greater long-term survivorship.
Perched on the crest of the Allegheny range, the Sods promises some of the wildest land east of the Mississippi.
However, these dominant genotypes would likely vary among cemeteries, resulting in genetic variability among cemetery sods.
KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS is a widely used cool-season turfgrass species for sod production in the USA and many other regions of the world.
Sodsaver, which has only been implemented in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, and Nebraska, is a cost-saving initiative that disincentivizes, but does not prevent, farmers from converting native sod to cropland.
In fact, Imaywell be the cleverest sod in Barry, although not quite as clever as David Miliband.