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S/CShopping Center
S/CService Charge
S/CSignal Conditioning
S/CSolid Carbide (machining industry)
S/CShort Circuit
S/CSupercharger (automobiles)
S/CSuper Comp (drag racing class)
S/CSplitter/Combiner (telecommunications)
S/CStatement of Charges
S/CSales Confirmation (shipping)
S/CSafety Computer
S/CStep Climb (aviation)
S/CSuccess/Communication (Toastmasters Program)
S/CSet Course Time
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The Tactical Input Segment (TIS) is the segment that interfaces with airborne sensor platforms, processes digital sensor data and provides processed and formatted imagery and support data for softcopy exploitation.
At the same time, computed radiography technology for projection radiographs allowed softcopy viewing of these images.
The final product can be easily produced and disseminated to a variety of users in both hardcopy and softcopy formats.
"By helping sites build a library of digitized prior mammograms, DigitalNow will help facilitate a seamless transition to softcopy review whenever they go digital."
The softcopy is downloadable via the organisations' respective websites: IFSB: http://www.ifsb.org/sec03.php IOSCO: http://www.iosco.org/library/pubdocs/pdf/IOSCOPD428.pdf SC Malaysia: www.sc.com.my
"The workflow associated with softcopy reading has been shown to greatly improve mammography reading.
This partnership expands the family of softcopy workstations offered by Fischer.
Every printed map or softcopy product distributed represented a compromise between the needs of differing users, none of whom received an ideal product.
Used with a high-resolution grayscale monitor that permits review of digital images taken of emergency patients immediately after x-ray exposure, this new system eliminates the wait for developed film or softcopy images on a diagnostic reading station.
An important feature of the CX product line is its all-digital design, which maintains digital data throughout the entire display chain, eliminating unwanted image artifacts and providing a crisp, clear display that is critical to softcopy medical viewing.
* Testable elements in hardcopy and softcopy information