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SOFTENSmile, Open Posture, Forward Lean, Touch, Eye Contact, and Nod (positive body language mnemonic)
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CCS Foot Care Cream, Fragrance Direct Softens hard, dry, rough skin and helps prevent further problems.
If you have a little nose, try a length that falls somewhere between your nose and lips," Denise advises, "If you have a larger nose, try chin-length hair to soften the jawline.
Shea butter softens, rose hip oil counters moisture loss and roughness.
At Home: Ripen in a paper bag at room temperature (peaches will soften and get juicier .
Results of this experiment indicated that the decrease in softening rate observed from summer to fall was due to a loss in the ability of the environment to soften seed rather than the accumulation of hard seed more resistant to softening.
We always try to soften the blitz by slowing the rush and creating defensive uncertainty.
When all the sodium exchange sites are replaced with hardness minerals, the resin is spent and will no longer soften water.
Periodontal disease wears out most patients' patience and tolerance for pain--and it may indirectly soften their fillings as well, a new study suggests.
For adding to baked foods (like muffins), soften by method 2 or 3 (steam 3 to 5 minutes); snip with scissors.
1 : to make less severe or extreme : soften <Mountains temper the wind.
Despite a record year in 2004 for property catastrophe losses, pricing continued to soften, with the sole exception the property treaties in regions directly hit by hurricanes and typhoons.