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SWDSupersonic Wave Drive
SWDSocial Welfare Department (Hong Kong)
SWDSherwood (hockey equipment manufacturer)
SWDSouthwestern Division
SWDSoftware Design
SWDSalt Water Disposal (production water disposal facility)
SWDSoftware Distribution
SWDSerial Wire Debug
SWDShift Work Disorder (circadian rhythm disorder)
SWDSolid Waste Disposal
SWDShort Wave Diathermy
SWDSoftwood (British building industry)
SWDSouthwest Dekalb High School (Decatur, GA)
SWDSeward Alaska (airport)
SWDSoftware Documentation
SWDSpecial Warranty Deed
SWDSwervedriver (band)
SWDSide Water Depth (wastewater treatment plant clarifiers)
SwDSwell Direction
SWDSeismic While Drilling
SWDSwimmer with a Disability (Australia)
SWDStudent with Disability
SWDSemantic Web Document
SWDSwedish Water Development
SWDSpike Wave Discharge
SWDSolid Waste Data
SWDSurface Water Detention
SWDSpecial Weapons Depot
SWDStanding Wave Distribution
SWDSliding Window Decoder
SWDSpecial Waterfront District
SWDSurf With Dewey
SWDSupport Weight Distribution
SWDSingle Wavelength Detection
SWDSouthwest Detroit (Michigan)
SWDSukiyaki Western Django (film)
SWDSurface Water Drainage
SWDStatutory Warranty Deed
SWDSolid Waste Department (various locations)
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Sodra Cell is one of the largest players in the world in the area of softwood pulp and operates three pulp mills in Sweden: Morrum, Monsteras andVaro.
Following Tan and Mathews (2010), this study uses the growth cycles approach for identifying softwood lumber industry cycles.
The show will provide a platform for the participating softwood exporters to interact directly with decision-makers in the wood industry and further promote the strength, flexibility, versatility and beauty of American softwoods.
Countries whose softwood imports into the United States dropped the most included Sweden, Austria and Germany.
FOEX - which calculates the weekly benchmarks based on information from buyers, sellers and agents in the pulp and paper trade - put the benchmark price of northern bleached softwood pulp at USD488.
Softwood lumber, commonly used for home construction, comes from fir, pine and other cone-bearing trees.
In the June issue, we showed you how to buy softwood dimensional lumber; the lumber that's 2x up to 4x in dimension.
7) But at least there is hope that, as far as softwoods are concerned, it may be possible to achieve sustainability with a combination of enlightened arboriculture, sensible construction, products like LVL and new approaches to building like those pioneered by Richard Burton and Frei Otto for John Makepeace at Hooke Park(8) (and more recently by Edward Cullinan Architects) which explore the tensile properties of new glues and fabrics to make possible use of thin softwood thinnings green, without seasoning.
Price trends in the international softwood lumber market are currently the subject of much debate.
Softwood fires are easier to start but don't burn as long.
The reduction in construction activities in China during 2012 has resulted in reduced demand for lumber, and as a consequence, a sharp decline in the importation of softwood logs and lumber to the country.