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SOLOSSurvivors of Loved Ones' Suicides
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A man with three hundred thousand dollars may play a solo, but he never can be alone where there are any to listen.
He forgot his solo, and the expected compliments; and, for the rest of the evening, that thrilling expression floated in his brain, and was present to his thoughts; it was worth a thousand of the studied glances that were continually aimed at him from all sides of the room, and with every variety of eye--from the piercing black, to the ogling gray.
Have you ever seen a real English rustic perform a solo dance?
Bragelonne had, however, insisted that their three voices should be in concert, instead of singing in solo parts, as De Guiche and his rival seemed to have acquired a dangerous habit of investigation.
He had already broken one of the rules of his world, which forbade the entering of a box during a solo.
Noticing in the next act that her box was empty, Vronsky, rousing indignant "hushes" in the silent audience, went out in the middle of a solo and drove home.
“He craves dreadfully to come into the cabin, and has as good as asked me as much to my face; but I put him off with unsartain answers, so that he is no wiser than Solo mon.
"Go to bed, Maudie, and look under your pillow when you get there," was the oracular reply that came down to them, as Tom's door closed after a jubilant solo on the tin pan.
"Hal-le-lu-jah," sang my father with deliberation; continuing in a low voice without changing the expression of his face, his lips hardly moving, and his eyes fixed abstractedly on the ceiling till the organist, who was also the postman, should have finished his solo, "Did I not tell thee to sit still, Elizabeth?" "Yes, but-- --" "Then do it." "But I want to go home."
The housemaids had been bribed with various fragments of riband, and sundry pairs of shoes more or less down at heel, to make no mention of crumbs in the beds; the airiest costumes had been worn on these festive occasions; and the daring Miss Ferdinand had even surprised the company with a sprightly solo on the comb-and-curlpaper, until suffocated in her own pillow by two flowing-haired executioners.
A densidade do solo e a porosidade dos solos tem sido largamente utilizadas na avaliacao da qualidade estrutural dos solos, pois tratam-se de propriedades do solo de facil determinacao e que recebem pequena influencia do teor de agua no momento da coleta da amostra de solo (Reichert et al., 2003).
Audition includes: Ballet, modern, improvisation, prepared solo. Bring: Dance photo.