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SOLSTICESolar Stellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment (solar spectrometer on the UARS and SORCE missions)
SOLSTICESolid State Imager with Compact Electronics
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The University of Oregon Museum of Natural History celebrated winter solstice Friday with speakers, winter greens, warm cider and cookies and a slide show of nostalgic winter scenes.
The word solstice is used to describe winter and summer.
The winter solstice falls on December 21 in these countries, he said.
Thanks to Summer Solstice Publishing for taking a chance on this crazy world of mine.
Solstice specialises in mobile-first digital product design and engineering services.
Solstice was established in 2005, but in the last three years, it has undergone a remarkable transformation, tripling its staff and bringing on board a new president, Lincoln Garrick.
Karen Bellantoni, senior managing director, and Robert Draizen, senior director, of RKF represented Solstice in all the transactions.
The hardest thing to get your head round is that although the solstice (which can fall anywhere from June 20 to 23) marks the longest day it is in fact only the beginning, not the height, of summer.
The Solstice has the primary purpose of helping with the revitalization of the Pontiac brand.
Winter solstice is a time we call in the light, and this year, it takes on a deeper meaning, where we call in the light of peace and compassion," Karin Sundberg of Dexter wrote in a reporter's notebook Saturday night at the Far Horizons Montessori school during a winter solstice celebration titled The Longest Night, Return of the Light.