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SCNTSomatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
SCNTSomatic Cell Nuclear Transplantation
SCNTSuez Canal Net Tonnage (Suez Canal Authority; Egypt)
SCNTScient Corp (stock symbol)
SCNTSovereign Cherokee Nation Tejas (Fate, TX)
SCNTSwedish Centre for Nuclear Technology (Roslagstullsbacken, Sweden)
SCNTSeminole Club of North Texas (sports fan group)
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(b) That research involving the derivation and use of human embryonic stem cells, human embryonic germ cells, and human adult stem cells, including somatic cell nuclear transplantation, shall be reviewed by an approved institutional review board.
While the bill specifically allows therapeutic cloning to be used in the stem cell research (somatic cell nuclear transplantation), Governor Davis signed a bill around the same time that makes permanent a temporary ban on human cloning for reproductive purposes.