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SM1Someone (chat)
SM1Primary Sensorimotor
SM1Signalman First Class (Naval Rating)
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From the crowd someone had run to the office of Doctor Parcival who had bluntly refused to go down out of his office to the dead child.
So far had Douglas presented his picture when someone put a question.
This is a rum start, and I can't name the voice, but it's someone skylarking--someone that's flesh and blood, and you may lay to that.
I know nothing surely, monsieur, but I suspect someone.
Insomuch that someone in the Senate, wishing to excuse him, said there were many men who knew much better how not to err than to correct the errors of others.
That is another point (replied he;) We must not pretend to determine on what motive the person may knock--tho' that someone DOES rap at the door, I am partly convinced.
The man was so intent on watching someone, or something, that he did not guard against being himself watched.
I have no doubt that she has only been to the side gate to see someone, but I think that it is hardly safe and should be stopped.
Someone seems to be very deeply interested in your movements.
One day, as the woodman was getting ready to go into the wood to cut fuel, he said, 'I wish I had someone to bring the cart after me, for I want to make haste.
He's been used to comfort and to having someone to look after him.
It was inevitable that she should marry: life was hard for a girl who had to earn her own living; and if she found someone who could give her a comfortable home she should not be blamed if she accepted.