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For 'like' and 'unlike', 'equal' and 'unequal', have the modifications 'more' and 'less' applied to them, and each of these is relative in character: for the terms 'like' and 'unequal' bear 'unequal' bear a reference to something external.
Where have you been?' 'With Gretel.' 'What did you take her?' 'Took nothing; had something given me.' 'What did Gretel give you?' 'Gave me a needle.'
We want to consider something which we may have to say to you before you go."
It was as though everyone Enoch Robinson had ever seen had left with him some es- sence of himself, something he could mould and change to suit his own fancy, something that under- stood all about such things as the wounded woman behind the elders in the pictures.
"I thought there was something funny about the beginning and end."
"Do tell me something amusing but not spiteful," said the ambassador's wife, a great proficient in the art of that elegant conversation called by the English, small talk.
"Well, the first thing to do is to get you something to eat," he said; ringing the bell.
And, as she smoothed down the sheet of blotting-paper over the manuscript, she braced herself to resist Katharine, whose presence struck her, not merely by its force, as usual, but as something in the nature of a menace.
One cold windy day Dolly had brought Jerry a basin of something hot, and was standing by him while he ate it.
But a serious observer, at a second glance, might have seen in his eyes something of that shining sleep that is called vision; and his yellow hair, while not affectedly long, was unaffectedly untidy.
Our craft, a Clyde-built barque of 1,000 tons, rolled so heavily that something aloft had carried away.
Something always drew him toward those richer and more powerful than himself and he had rare skill in seizing the most opportune moment for making use of people.