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SORBSimple Orb
SORBSex Offender Registry Board (Massachusetts)
SORBSorbian (linguistics)
SORBSpecial Operations Recruiting Battalion (US DoD)
SORBSave Our Riverfront Bushland (Australia)
SORBSubsistence Operations Review Board
SORBSecure Object Request Broker
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Figure 6(c) illustrate the result of SIFT, SURF, and sORB based forgery detection methods in the literature.
The capacity of Abba sands to sorb P and S, and to retain K, increases as the clay content of the soil increases (McArthur 2004).
This linkage fleshes out the collection plan and allows for SORB to be created and for assets to be tasked and requested.
We might detect possible political reasons for the focus on purely Slav areas; the Germans living in the Czech Lands were left out, for example, while the Lusatian Sorbs living in Germany were included.
At this stage, the antics of Leeds Chairman Peter Ridsdale in the directors' box were be coming as ab sorb ing as events on the pitch.
The components in the liquid stream sorb into the membrane, permeate through the membrane and evaporate into the vapor phase.
The iron found in vegetables is non-haem iron, which is harder to ab sorb.
Among the other equivocal incidents in "Il pinto" are the appearance of a "uomo leggero," probably a euphemism for Arcigrandone's penis, the discussion of a hybrid tree - half sorb, half fig, and the allusion to Ganymede at the end of the journey.
The seven categories of referee behaviors in the SORB and their definitions are as follows:
Consumers really like these products because they only have to discard the clump, not the whole pan of litter," explains Jack Thomason, president of Sorb All, makers of Sorb Away cat box filler.
shampoo) that are known to contain phthalates; these phthalates can then sorb in to the PET bottle.