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SRYSex determining Region of Y-Chromosome (genetics)
SRYShip Repair Yard (Poland)
SRYSolid Rock Youth (Rock Community Church; Waxahachie, TX)
SRYSherwood Rangers Yeomanry (UK)
SRYSaraswati River Yoga (New Hope, PA)
SRYState Reporting Year (Broward College)
References in classic literature ?
You were rude and saucy and"--Marilla had a saving inspiration of punishment--"you must go to her and tell her you are very sorry for your bad temper and ask her to forgive you."
The doctor was sent for, and kept the inflammation down until the day before yesterday, when it broke out again, under circumstances which I am sure you will be sorry to hear, as I am truly sorry to write of them.
It is natural that we should be sorry, and you see how sorry we both are; but how much better to be sorry now than then!'
And if I seemed to come to it easily just now, because I came to it all at once, don't think it was so really, Eddy, for O, it was very, very hard, and O, I am very, very sorry!'
Suddenly Philip realised that she was crying because of what he had said, and he was sorry. He went up to her silently and kissed her.
Various different emotions make us cry, and therefore it cannot be true to say, as James does, that we "feel sorry because we cry," since sometimes we cry when we feel glad.
She is very sorry. She begs me to make her excuses."
I felt as fond of her and as sorry for her as my wife.
I should be sorry, you know, to think ill of a young man who has lived so long in Derbyshire."
But it was all very confusing, and not quite pleasant, so that Pollyanna was glad, indeed, when at last she found herself outside in the hushed, sweet air--only she was very sorry, too: for she knew it was not going to be easy, or anything but sad, to tell Jimmy Bean to-morrow that the Ladies' Aid had decided that they would rather send all their money to bring up the little India boys than to save out enough to bring up one little boy in their own town, for which they would not get "a bit of credit in the report," according to the tall lady who wore spectacles.
Master said he was sorry; but oh, Missis--you ought to have heard her talk!
"Ah!Indeed I am very sorry.Come, shake hands with me."