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SOUSouthern (railroad)
SOUSouthampton, England, United Kingdom - Eastleigh (Airport Code)
SOUSole-Occupancy Unit
SOUService Orientation Universitaire (French: Service Orientation University; University of Liège; Belgium)
SOUSouthampton Canoe Club (UK)
SOUStatement of Understanding
SoUShadows of Undrentide (computer game)
SOUSense of Urgency
SOUSouthern Oregon University
SOUSpecial Operations Unit (law enforcement)
SOUState of the Union
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Sou, who had aspirations of becoming a professional footballer until a career-ending injury, left his victim in distress and did not return to the party.
Nonetheless, SOU junior Emery Way says he would prefer SOU to be more inclusive of students rather than more exclusive.
SOU can be used as a supplement to both physical findings and other imaging studies.
SOU President Mary Cullinan said she supports the idea but declined further comment.
In 1999, realizing the need for special attention to LGBT issues, Sou established the Cambodian Network for Men Women Development (CMWD), the first Cambodian NGO to support LGBT people, where she continues to serve as president today.
The SOU School of Business is excited to partner with PRS, an outstanding industry leader in the aging services industry," says David Harris, Dean of the SOU School of Business and Medford Campus.
We found the idea of a performance contract with Johnson Controls very attractive," said Ronald Bolstad, SOU vice president of administration and finance.
Our new digital pod precision cooker makes serious sous vide cooking simple and affordable, no matter how sophisticated a recipe," says Sam Ash, chief marketing officer for Gourmia.
Elles recevront un code sous forme de lettre pour savoir quels sont leurs chiffres et comment ils evoluent[beaucoup plus grand que].
12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Anova's Immersion Circulator, the fastest growing sous vide brand in the United States, announced today that it will now make units available to the international market.
The UK's Institute of Food Research (IFR) has been undertaking research for the country's Food Standards Agency to determine if sous vide is safe.
The instructor and professional chef that led the training was Chef David Bearl, CCC, CCE, AAC, ACE Associate in Regional Food Systems Education at the University of Florida and MFSD Sous Vide supervisor Todd Miller.