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SWDSupersonic Wave Drive
SWDSocial Welfare Department (Hong Kong)
SWDSherwood (hockey equipment manufacturer)
SWDSouthwestern Division
SWDSoftware Design
SWDSalt Water Disposal (production water disposal facility)
SWDSoftware Distribution
SWDSerial Wire Debug
SWDShift Work Disorder (circadian rhythm disorder)
SWDSolid Waste Disposal
SWDShort Wave Diathermy
SWDSoftwood (British building industry)
SWDSouthwest Dekalb High School (Decatur, GA)
SWDSeward Alaska (airport)
SWDSoftware Documentation
SWDSpecial Warranty Deed
SWDSwervedriver (band)
SWDSide Water Depth (wastewater treatment plant clarifiers)
SwDSwell Direction
SWDSeismic While Drilling
SWDSwimmer with a Disability (Australia)
SWDStudent with Disability
SWDSemantic Web Document
SWDSwedish Water Development
SWDSpike Wave Discharge
SWDSolid Waste Data
SWDSurface Water Detention
SWDSpecial Weapons Depot
SWDStanding Wave Distribution
SWDSliding Window Decoder
SWDSpecial Waterfront District
SWDSurf With Dewey
SWDSupport Weight Distribution
SWDSingle Wavelength Detection
SWDSouthwest Detroit (Michigan)
SWDSukiyaki Western Django (film)
SWDSurface Water Drainage
SWDStatutory Warranty Deed
SWDSolid Waste Department (various locations)
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We just want to open and show what we can do for the public Hotel general manager Terence Southward
The northern extremes of the South Atlantic High opposes the circulation from the Gulf of Guinea, leading to drier conditions in central Angola, with a marked impact on southward circulation.
Along this basal detachment surface the Warchha Sandstone is emplaced over the Siwalik Group rocks southward on top of the northwestern frontier of the Punjab Foreland.
It is likely that it will move southward in the future on sea currents that are different from those near the surface.
But rising levels of greenhouse gases also push atmospheric jets southward, so global warming may counteract any changes from the healing ozone hole, says Nathan Gillett of Environment Canada's climate modeling center in Victoria.
2006), less is known about the trophosomes of frenulates and Sclerolinum (Ivanov, 1963; Southward et al.
CDATA[ In the past, the passage of Israeli warships southward through the canal have been interpreted as preparations for a possible attack against Iran.
The warning was issued from Bahia Magdalena southward on the west coast and from San Evaristo southward on the east coast including Cabo San Lucas.
Taipei, July 24, 2009 (CENS) -- Time for direct cross-Strait flights will drop from next Wednesday (July 29), thanks to the inauguration of new shorter routes for both northward and southward routes.
Summary: King Mohammed VI inaugurated on Wednesday two new train stations in the Mediterranean city of Nador, and a new rail line linking the city to Taourirt, southward.
The vein disappears under cover just to the southeast of Hole 2, but we can follow vein fragments for another 2 kilometres southward and will focus our next exploration phase in that direction.
Washington, May 14 (ANI): A new study has shown that much of the southward flow of cold water from the Labrador Sea moves not along the deep western boundary current, but along a previously unknown path in the interior of the North Atlantic.
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