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SOWERSouthern Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research
SOWERSoundings of Ozone and Water in the Equatorial Region
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The booklet adds:"The manner in which The Sower holds up the apron, revealing his genitalia, makes the link between the fertility and productivity of both land and humans and, consequently, the growth provided by the knowledge and learning contained within the library.
Readings were taken from Exodus Chapt 14 vs 10 - 17 where God gives His instructions to Moses and Mark chapt 4 vs 3-12 'The Parable of the Sower.
It was this commitment that quickly separated Sower from many of its competitors and it was therefore not long before Brendon had attracted the attention of investors abroad.
The sower didn't look for the good soil," she notes.
Sower had been Farmers Capital Bank's chairman since 1998.
The parable of the sower is our Lord's attempt to help his disciples understand what has taken place and their responsibilities in ministry.
University of New Hampshire professor of biochemistry Stacia Sower and colleagues at two Japanese universities have identified the first reproductive hormone of these gonadotropins.
Michaela and Philip Artingstall, Steve Harris, Joanne Saunders; Kate Thompson, Liz Plummer; John Howard, Richard Sower, Michelle Huntington, Emma Talbot; Samantha Dimbylow, Doreen and David Smith, Sandra Dimbylow
I believe that Marie's Prologue alludes to the Parable of the Sower and thereby points to that parable, as it was glossed in the Middle Ages, as a source for Marie's theory of poetic obscurity.
The parables of the sower, the Good Samaritan, and the Prodigal Son, among others, are put into a modern setting, after which participants discuss the lessons and ways to apply Jesus' teachings.
In English: "While dreaming, perhaps, the hand/of the sower of stars caused the forgotten music to sound,/like a note from an immense lyre,/ and the humble wave came to our lips/in the form of a few words of truth.