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s/cShort Circuit
S/CSupercharger (automobiles)
S/CStatement of Charges
S/CSales Confirmation (shipping)
S/CSafety Computer
S/CStep Climb (aviation)
S/CSuccess/Communication (Toastmasters Program)
S/CSet Course Time
S/CService Charge
S/CShopping Center
S/CSignal Conditioning
S/CSuper Comp (drag racing class)
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EDT, and the twin GRAIL spacecraft Ebb and Flow currently orbiting the moon.
The program was first launched during the Clinton administration and was built to test technologies that could be used in future spacecraft, including new thermal-protection systems, composite materials and advanced navigation and control systems.
Genesis was the most efficient space mission ever flown," says Jerrold Marsden, a mathematician at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena who studies spacecraft trajectories.
If a spacecraft manages to maintain orbit around Earth, the high speeds involved will create daunting challenges for the craft during reentry.
Provides new nonparametric results pertaining to spacecraft reliability based on extensive statistical analysis of on-orbit anomaly and failure data;
Work on the aircraft then continued under a $301 million contract to support a now-canceled effort to develop a manned spacecraft to augment the space shuttle fleet.
Recent data from the spacecraft may be revealing previously unknown and complex features of the outer solar system, says Len A.
Q Did you ever imagine these spacecraft would accomplish anything close to this magnitude?
The Company also provides facilities management and spacecraft processing services for the ocean-going Sea Launch program at the Home Port Facilities in Long Beach, California.
Lockheed Martin plans to conduct most of the spacecraft work in the South, basing its program office in Houston, building major components at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, and conducting final assembly work in Florida.
Pluto is now rapidly receding from the sun, and some astronomers have argued that if a spacecraft isn't launched within the next few years, the planet will be completely frozen over by the time a probe arrives.
NASA hopes to send a piloted spacecraft to Mars as early as 2011 (the round-trip would take almost two years and cost about $20 billion).
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