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In Gershoff et al.'s (2016) study of medical center staff, only about 15% agreed that "sometimes the only way to get a child to behave is with a spank." Similarly, Miller-Perrin and Rush (Miller-Perrin C.
When the children were 5 years old, their parents reported how many times they had spanked their child in the past week (if any).
Method: A sample of 76 mothers was dichotomized into those who never spanked or hit with an object and those who have spanked or hit with an object.
And the perception that black parents use corporal punishment more than nonblack parents is bolstered by research at the University of Texas, which found that 89 percent of black parents in a study had spanked their children, compared with 79 percent of white parents, 80 percent of Hispanic parents, and 73 percent of Asian parents.
They may nod their heads if you tell them not to spank, but shut out any future advice from you on this topic.
AFORMER primary school headteacher spanked his wife to punish her for having an affair.
A FORMER primary school headteacher spanked his wife with a plimsoll and a spatula to punish her for having an affair.
Randomized Comparisons of Spank Back-Up for Time-Out Versus Alternatives
I will not hesitate to spank my child on the behind, with my hand, to get his/her attention.
"I was really upset about that and wrote a 10-page explanation of our disciplinary philosophy to show that we don't spank arbitrarily or exclusively.
Passengers gave a mixed reaction when the Spank the Monkey artwork was put up at Jesmond Metro Station, Newcastle, in September last year.
IT'S all very well having an exhibition spread across a city, as in Baltic's Spank the Monkey, but how do you find out where to go?