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But George Davis's chartreuse Spanker and Fire Tiger Spanker may be the best Pacific salmon flies ever designed.
Stewart unmasked Spanker Johnson to the tabloids because she could not bear to read another word of his "family values" tripe in the press.
She said: "Nicholson is a spanker but he's also a big guy who loves to talk naughty.
Elaine Kazakevich, a spanker who asked "everyone to add her as a friend," gave her opinion on the service.
The Dutch flag was subsequently lowered from the stern spanker line to be replaced by the Omani Naval ensign while a local orchestra played the Omani national anthem.
It is clear to see why director Nicolai Foster chose Christopher Ryan for the part of Adolphous "Dolly" Spanker, a character similar to the put-upon characters he's known for in Bottom.
l SPANKER LANE, Nether Heage, Derbyshire: Named after the local Spanker Inn, it's proved a real hit withlocals
That debate has centred on the record of her having produced a filly in 1690 by her own son Spanker, an event which even in the 17th century would have been considered very close inbreeding.
The 20-member deck crew uses electric winches to angle the 26 square sails and electric motors to furl and unfurl the square sails stored in the yardarms, plus the 11 staysails, four jibs, and one gaff-rigged spanker.
British comedy takes a step back some three decades with "Preaching to the Perverted," an old-fashioned, nudge-nudge-wink-wink lark set in London's S&M club scene that plays like "Carry on Flagellating" crossed with "Confessions of a Spanker.
Look at their sorry excuse for a President: a man who cannot tell you the time of day without sounding like he's explaining why he stole your watch, a man, in other words, pathetically unequipped for the role of collective superego and number-one spanker of butts.
He is matched by Geraldine McNulty as the gloriously-monikered Lady Gay Spanker, hunting obsessive and marital harridan, and by Christopher Ryan as her pocketsized and put upon husband "Dolly".