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They ain't had a bite in weeks I reckon, outside of Fatty an' Frog an' Spanker; an' there's so many of 'em that that didn't go far.
Then, as they were just passing the Round Tower, the young man shouted: "Stand by there to lower the topsails and jib; brail up the spanker!"
To their credit Walsall never threw in the towel and Ibehre had a 30-yard spanker brilliantly tipped over by Lewis, then Ishmel Demontagnac saw a drive well saved by Lewis, but in stoppage time Mackail-Smith hit a post for Posh then shot wide with only Gilmartin to beat.
SHE wobbled around the jowls while her bosom quivered with splendid indignation and she was, of course, magnificently cast as Lady Gay Spanker, sporting jodphurs and whip, in the Restoration-style romp London Assurance.
Masner of a foremost assailant with a spanker on the nob.
Propulsion: 42 Dacron sails that measure 56,000 square feet on five masts, comprising 26 squaresails, 11 staysails, four jibs, one gaff-rigged spanker; twin Caterpillar 2,500-hp diesel engines (used sparingly); thrusters; propeller blades fold flat against hull to eliminate water-flow resistance when in sailing mode.
A regular he must be made, and the rules and articles of war, in all their arbitrary severity, will not sit lightly upon him." (24) In the 20th Massachusetts, First Lieutenant Abbott relied on his sergeant, Leander Alley, who had been first mate on a whaler, to enforce obedience through a long flat stick known as "Alley's Spanker." Hard cases in the Twentieth faced being tied up by their thumbs or being kept in a cell on a diet of bread and water.
Our academic friends say: "That debate centred on the record of her having produced a filly in 1690 by her own son Spanker, an event which even in the 17th century would have been considered very close to inbreeding."
MAVEN (?AKNPRS) plays SPANKER at k5, 105 pts, MAVEN = 292 Logan -- 347.
But George Davis's chartreuse Spanker and Fire Tiger Spanker may be the best Pacific salmon flies ever designed.
There is almost no English surname, however ancient and dignified, that cannot be instantly improved by the prefix "Spanker." So deeply is the habit and culture of corporal punishment imbricated with the national psyche that whole shelves of specialist literature, to say nothing of entire racks of newspapers and magazines, are regularly devoted to the subject.
She's enough to make the standard blokey plank spanker curl up and fade away.