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SPAZSemi-Permanent Autonomous Zone
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Unsure of what to do, Spaz, Junior, and I buzzed our politely parted hair and dyed it bright blue, translucent blond, and fire storm red.
While I kept in touch with Spaz, usually to get autographed pictures of the Champ for charitable auctions, sadly he died several months ago.
'Although in the US the term 'spaz' may not be as offensive as it is in the UK, many disabled people here will have taken exception to likening his poor golf stroke to that of 'a spaz'.'
Take Happy Bunny Spaz Juice, a raspberry-flavored drink from novelty purveyor Boston America.
Spaz is a bit of a misfit, a cerebral palsy sufferer with no parents, no real friends, no brothers and sisters.
"Spaz" McSpadden, 927th Operations Support Flight, is the wing's chief of tactics.
The band's third no-frills release is appropriately and elegantly named 3, and on it they nonchalantly and expertly spaz out on their instruments--all without a self-conscious bone in their bodies.
70 alameda, arousing 6 rote, el 8 od, oe 4 hm 2 at 1277 microtechniques, ne, qat, carousing, cod 69 identify 122 wolflike 12 jib 29 we, wab 8 hen, an 5 spa 7 la, lam 9 reft, ta 26 en, flame, on 1587 oxyphenbutazone, jibb, spaz, de 18 ax Total 3259
There are various drafts of press releases ("NIRVANA sees the underground seen as becoming stagnant and more accessible towards commercialized major label interests"), autobiographical sketches ("I was a rodent-like, underdeveloped, hyperactive spaz who could fit his entire torsoe in one leg of his bell bottomed jeans") and lyrics (an early version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" contains the couplet "The finest day Ive ever had/Was when tomorrow never came").
She stuck wiggles and squiggles on steps--a kind of coloring outside the lines--and loved to suddenly spaz in double- or triple-time, a musical impertinence that signaled her impatience with the status quo.
(BULLETIN BOARD: SPAZ) has launched Spatializer N-2-2 Ultra(TM), the company's new virtual surround sound software.
Bobby is so hyper, he's a little spaz, and I'm worried it'll get to be too much what with Frankie trying to quit, you know?