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SPAZSemi-Permanent Autonomous Zone
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While I kept in touch with Spaz, usually to get autographed pictures of the Champ for charitable auctions, sadly he died several months ago.
My personality, if the house isn't clean I spaz out and I'll clean the whole thing up.
Seacera Group Bhd, a 60% subsidiary of SPAZ Sdn Bhd, has stated today via filling a statement with Bursa Malaysia that the company will have to finish the complete project by an 18-month period from the date of possession of the site as part of the agreement.
There is a new girl, too, but she is so quiet no one really notices her, not with Bender the bully and Igor the spaz and Shelly the performer--and a busload of other kids--making so much noise.
I bet (my dad) didn't believe he'd spaz out and leave either," the Daily Express quoted him as telling GQ magazine.
Golf champion Tiger Woods had to apologise when he explained a poor performance by telling an interviewer, "As soon as I got on the green I was a spaz.
The excitement of meeting a celebrity I love overwhelms me and my inner spaz takes over.
Korean 1 and Korean 2 enter in a hyperactive spaz and begin fussing with Korean 3's clothes and hair.
I ran and screamed in front of everyone, like a complete spaz.
Melony was "threatening to spill out of her bustier with each quake, stomp, shutter and spaz," the review says.
We always play it last and just completely spaz out because it's not such a song-song, it's more like a big ominous marching orchestra thing,'' adds Sumner.
During my early days at Tiber Street infants school in Toxteth, Liverpool, I was called all sorts of names like spaz, short-arms and worse,'' explains the 42year-old from Mossley Hill.