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SPEAKSpeaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (Educational Testing Service)
SPEAKSupporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom (est. 1990)
SPEAKStudents Promoting Environmental Action in Knoxville (student group; University of Tennessee; Knoxville, TN)
SPEaKStudents Promoting Empowerment and Knowledge (est. 1998; Columbia University; New York)
SPEAKSupport Public Education-Act for Kids (Alberta, Canada)
SPEAKSuicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids
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Wilson and the Governor had introduced so openly to the public notice, bidding him speak, in the hearing of all men, to that mystery of a woman's soul, so sacred even in its pollution.
then, don't speak it, don't speak it," she eagerly cried.
With difficulty however could she prevent her from following him herself; and to persuade her to check her agitation, to wait, at least, with the appearance of composure, till she might speak to him with more privacy and more effect, was impossible; for Marianne continued incessantly to give way in a low voice to the misery of her feelings, by exclamations of wretchedness.
As soon as she could speak she put the inevitable question.
You speak so feelingly and so manfully, Charles Darnay, that I thank you with all my heart, and will open all my heart--or nearly so.
What, my councillors, rise, take the hand of Mopo, and hold it to the flame, that his heart may rejoice in the warmth of the flame while we speak together of this matter of the child that was, so my mother sang, born to Baleka, my wife, the sister of Mopo, my servant.
It was of no use now--his resolution not to speak till to-morrow.
Hear me, Trojans and Achaeans, that I may speak even as I am minded; Jove on his high throne has brought our oaths and covenants to nothing, and foreshadows ill for both of us, till you either take the towers of Troy, or are yourselves vanquished at your ships.
She had met him, he said, with a serious--certainly a serious-- even an agitated air; but before he had been able to speak one intelligible sentence, she had introduced the subject in a manner which he owned had shocked him.
May I ask how it is that one who writes English does not speak it?
Roman Catholicism is, so to speak, simply the same thing as unchristianity," he added with flashing eyes, which seemed to take in everybody in the room.
It seems that when I went North with General Armstrong to speak at the series of public meetings to which I have referred, the President of the National Educational Association, the Hon.