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SPEARSSpill Planning Exercise and Response System
SPEARSScreener Proficiency Evaluation and Report System
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To do this, the spears have to be all lined up in the same direction in the asparagus lugs so that the spears can be picked up in bunches by hand and placed on the conveyor belt at the packing shed, as it is done now.
Spears wants your attention, and when you can't sing, what better way to do that than by promising to strip down to her birthday suit?
After the shearing, Spears and a bodyguard, followed by a pack of photographers, drove east on Ventura, stopping at the Body & Soul Tattoo parlor in Sherman Oaks.
But tackling Spears in public would have made the far right look like scolds or puritans; it would have held straights and gays to the same standard--and that's something the religious right almost never does.
After her appearance in a leather outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, Steven Cojocaru, a fashion critic for People magazine, wrote, "Was Spears planning on doing a Village People tribute?
Spears said TDSP 401(k) is written for IBM only, "and goes to around 250,000 active IBMers and retirees or others who have 'separated from service' who have tax deferred saving plans.
When asked why he uses such brilliant colors in his paintings, Spears remarked, "I try to capture the essence of these experiences through bold, vivid colors and shapes in my work.
On the slope of a desert plateau in Syria, excavations have uncovered what seems to qualify as an archaeological smoking gun confirming the manufacture and use of spear points by Neandertals.
Before signing on with Seguin Moreau in March of 2003, Spears was Vice President of Finance at several subsidiaries of the Dover Corporation, a Fortune 500 industrial manufacturing company.
A newly slender Spears surprised David Letterman on Monday night's ``Late Show'' by popping up behind him as he was sitting at his desk.
In the earliest phase, dating roughly to between 10,000 and 6,000 years ago, paintings show human figures engaged in small skirmishes and one-on-one combat, throwing boomerangs, dodging spears, and chasing each other with their weapons raised.
Spears was born in Detroit, attended the Juilliard School, danced for Alvin Ailey and Joyce Trisler, and created his own company, the Spears Collection, before he came to Denmark in 1981.