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Carol Anne Daniels, LPC, CAADC, CCS-M (Michigan): Specialist in: Geriatric Counseling; Trauma Counseling
Legal specialists have ended their strike and returned to their offices after Minister of Justice Mamdouh Marei agreed on the legislative committee's demands to enhance specialists' conditions and provide them with legal protection," a parliamentary statement said.
ADRSA was instrumental in establishing the Library Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Lab and in creating the GIS and Data Specialist position (hereafter referred to as GIS Specialist).
Ottawa--Rural family doctors offer a broad range of clinical procedures to meet the needs of rural populations because of the lack of specialists located in rural areas, says a report published by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Geographic Distribution of Physicians in Canada: Beyond How Many and Where.
The school district's plan for duplication of an existing collaborative program at its other elementary school involving the Reading Specialist and Resource Specialist (RSP) teacher sparked enthusiasm and influenced my decision to apply for the available RSP position at my school site.
Every NYSE stock is assigned to a specialist whose job is to ensure an "orderly market," providing liquidity by stepping in where angels fear to tread, buying in falling markets and selling in rising ones.
If there is anything I have learned about long term care insurance, it is that although agents always should include discussion of care needs with their clients, many don't recognize that they should stop at the discussion of need and do a handoff to a trusted LTC specialist.
Since 2000 in Ohio, 206 people lost their jobs as library media specialists in 128 school districts, according to Suellyn Stotts, media specialist at Grizzell Middle School in Dublin City Schools and past president of Ohio Educational Library Media Association.
The extent to which management used a specialist to develop the fair value estimate.
Two critical meetings held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, crystallized the vision for our specialist group.
Specialist Benjamin Stephens, 194th MP Company, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, April 2002, and 101st Airborne Division, April 2002
If hired to be a lifeguard, a specialist can expect to guard the majority of each day.