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We are not a firm that particularly specializes in recruiting for foreign IT firms, but focus on recruiting for international financial institutions and foreign law firms.
Opper specializes in the generation of new business.
Specializes in horizontal hot-tip, multi-angle tip, and valve-gate technology for medical disposables.
Specializes in mold repairs, modifications and engineering changes to existing tools utilizing CAD/CAM, CNC machining and wire EDM.
Specializes in multicavity extrusion blow molds and molds for PET bottles.
Specializes in molds having large numbers of hobbed cavities (buttons, beads, etc.
He joined the firm in 1981 and specializes in industrial real estate product.
Company specializes in lost core tooling, all forms of injection thermoplastic tooling, compression tooling and injection compression tooling, gas assist tooling, in-mold decorating tooling, and in-mold assembly tooling.
Specializes in building molds for unscewing closures and other packaging components.
Specializes in sculpted contour shapes for injection molded thermoplastic auto-interior trim.
Specializes in pre-hardened prototype cores and cavities, new or replacement mold parts, and repair of damaged or old tools.
Specializes in multidie extrusion blow molds and molds for PET bottles.
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