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SPGStarwood Preferred Guest
SPGSpringfield (Amtrak station code; Springfield, MA)
SPGSpecialty Practice Group (various locations)
SPGSimon Property Group (Indianapolis, IN)
SPGSteals Per Game (basketball)
SPGSteam Powered Giraffe (band)
SPGSignature Products Group (Salt Lake City, UT)
SPGStrategic Planning Guidance (US DoD)
SPGSupplementary Planning Guidance (UK)
SPGSales Promotion Girl
SPGSalt Pepper and Garlic (barbeque cooking)
SPGSynchronous Pulse Generator
SPGSaab Performance Group
SPGSecure Payment Gateway
SPGStrategic Planning Group
SPGSingle Peer Group
SPGSpecial Performance Group
SPGStandard Product Generation
SPGSystem Program Generator
SPGSoftcopy Processor Group
SPGSingle Player Game
SPGSelf-Propelled Gun
SPGSafety Products Group (Cubic Designs)
SPGSpecific Gravity
SPGSpecial Protection Group (India)
SPGSouth Pacific Gyre (marine microbiology)
SPGSpecial Patrol Group
SPGSubmersible Pressure Gauge
SPGSiemens Power Generation
SPGSpastic Paraplegia
SPGSlumber Party Girls (American Girl group)
SPGSarong Party Girl
SPGSpecialized Packaging Group
SPGSingle Point Ground
SPGSystème des Préférences Généralisées (French: Generalized System of Preferences; trade regulation; EU)
SPGSupporting People Grant (UK)
SPGSun Power and Geothermal Co., Inc.
SPGSystème de Positionnement Global (French: Global Positioning System)
SPGSenior Policy Group
SPGSichuan Provincial Government
SPGScientific Planning Group
SPGState Protection Group (New South Wales, Australia)
SPGSales Performance Group (various organizations)
SPGSpelling, Punctuation and Grammar
SPGSolar Panel Grounding
SPGSpheno-Palatine Ganglion
SPGSony Protection Group
SPGSynchronizing Pulse Generator
SPGService Provider Gateway
SPGSmall Project Grant
SPGSpace Plasma Group (various locations)
SPGSmithfield Premium Genetics
SPGSociedad Peruana de Genetica
SPGShiga Prefectural Government (Japan)
SPGSouth Platte Group (Sierra Club; Denver, CO)
SPGStanley Picker Gallery (UK)
SPGSistemas de Posicionamiento Global (Spanish: Global Positioning Systems)
SPGSecurity Police Group
SPGSpecialst, Gunnery (US Navy)
SPGSchool Property Guide (New Zealand)
SPGStockpile Planning Guidance
SPGSingapore Party Girl
SPGSmiling People Greeter
SPGSoftware Product Group
SPGSet-Piece Goal (soccer)
SPGSpecial Police Group
SPGStrategy and Policy Group
SPGSoftware Process Group
SPGSequential Product of Geminals
SPGStandard Procedure Guide
SPGSinusoidal Pressure Generator
SPGSpecial Products Generator
SPGStatement Parameter Group
SPGSakartvelos Sotsialisturi Partia (Russian: Socialist Party)
SPGSociety for the Preservation of the Gospel
SPGSri Lanka Pugwath Group (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
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Further genotype x environment interaction (GEI) and stability analyses were conducted for tuber specific gravity and starch content since the mean squares of cultivar x location x season were significant for these traits.
The data indicated that at fresh level higher specific gravity found in Asterix (1.
A PEEK-based material with a specific gravity of 6 delivers a tensile strength of almost 15,000 psi.
The specific gravity and bending properties vary with height location.
In clinical medicine, refractometry is used routinely to estimate urine specific gravity (USG) and plasma protein concentration.
The specific gravity of the dextran solutions and the observed gel flotation patterns following centrifugation are shown in the Table.
The specific gravity and refractory component in a coating can be measured by using a combination of the following two test procedures recommended in the American Foundry Society (AFS) Mold and Core Test Handbook:
A In the past, it was usual to request the first morning urine specimen and to test and ensure that specific gravity of the urine was at least 1.
The sugar sand on this job had a specific gravity of 1.
The mean specific gravity of 288 tektites from Guangdong, China was measured to be 2.
Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) utilizes a special chemical composition and manufacturing process to produce the Type HIG bead with a specific gravity of 4.
Cultivars with high specific gravity, such as Atlantic, are preferred by potato chip processors.