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SPNSolo Para Niños (Spanish: Kids Only; search engine)
SPNSolitary Pulmonary Nodule
SPNService Principal Name
SPNSpecifications (TMINS)
SPNSupernatural (TV show)
SPNSpecialty Pharmacy Network (various locations)
SPNSlo-Pitch National (sports)
SPNSource Port Number
SPNSony Pictures Network
SPNSubstitution Permutation Network
SPNSuperficial Peroneal Nerve (anatomy)
SPNService Provider Network (Los Angeles, CA HIV prevention and care)
SPNStreptococcus Pneumoniae
SPNSociety of Pediatric Nurses
SPNStochastic Petri Net
SPNSocial Psychology Network
SPNSmart Protection Network
SPNSymantec Protection Network
SPNSubstitution-Permutation Network
SPNSindicato dos Professores do Norte (Northern Teachers' Union; Portugal)
SPNService Provider Name
SPNSymbian Partner Network (mobile phones)
SPNSpecific Procurement Notice
SPNSports Performance Nutrition
SPNShortest Process Next (scheduling algorithm)
SPNStimulus Preceding Negativity (psychology)
SPNSurat Perbendaharaan Negara (Indonesia - Treasury Bills)
SPNSuccessful Practices Network
SPNSatellite Program Network
SPNService du Patrimoine Naturel (French: Natural Heritage Service; National Museum of Natural History; Paris, France)
SPNSecure Private Network
SPNScottish Property Network
SPNSports Podcast Network
SPNShared Processing Network
SPNSuspect Parameter Number
SPNStudent Practical Nurse
SPNShipment Performance Notice
SPNStandard Precision Navigator
SPNSouth Pacific Division-San Francisco District (USACE)
SPNStrategic Partnership Network (finance)
SPNShift-Pulse Network
SPNStretch Performance Network (oil and gas industry)
SPNServicios Postales Nacionales SA (Spanish, Colombia)
SPNSoftware Project Notebook
SPNSequential Phase Number
SPNSignal Processor/Processing Network
SPNSafe Petri Net
SPNSimplest Possible Number
SPNShipboard Radar Navigation
SPNSponsor Program Number
SPNSimple Purchasing Network
SPNStart Production Notice / Stop Production Notice
SPNSuperline Partners Network (Japan)
SPNSpare Part Number (electronics)
SPNSwitch Panel Network
SPNSaipan, Northern Mariana Islands - Saipan International Northern Mariana Isles (Airport Code)
SPNSubliminal Psychic Network (band)
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The first step was to write a set of specifications that could be included in all project documentation.
And despite the varied usage views presented in the introduction, there are only two classes of standards and specifications to be considered: those that may be used with no restrictions and those documents requiring waiver.
As for the third criterion, acceptance by the market, a standardized electronic records management specification's main benefit is to lower procurement costs by minimizing the work needed to produce technical specifications.
This column takes a look at drafting product specifications, and suggests some considerations to help avoid later disputes over product specification compliance.
PSI's annual "Guidelines for Paper Stock" circular, which is included in the overall ISRI "Scrap Specifications Circular," is a document that presents definitions for various grade standards, in addition to outlining acceptable practices.
The tensile bar description in A48 has become the standard for the industry and companies have included a meaningless term in many of their specifications.
The steel industry, as typified by large steel mills, has, on the other hand, existed by selling material in various forms with its specifications generally assured by material uniformity.
Specifications: The Bane of Buyer and Seller Problems commonly faced in developing specifications include determining if the manufacturing process is capable of meeting the specifications and verifying quality.
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