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SPECSSpeed Enforcement Camera System (road-rule enforcement)
SPECSSubmillimeter Probe of the Evolution of Cosmic Structure (NASA)
SPECSSpecial Protective Eyewear, Cylindrical System
SPECSStrategic Partnering to Evaluate Cancer Signatures (US NIH)
SPECSSoftware Professional Estimation and Collection System
SPECSSin, Promise, Example, Command, Significant Truth (Bible study method)
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The MoDOT draft spec includes provisions for shingle-derived HMA to meet the equivalent of a virgin asphalt performance grade (PG) of 64-22.
This means you ignore features you don't understand or did not include in the spec and evaluate on some common grounds.
As a CD recorder, it also includes what Ricoh calls "JustLink," which its spec sheets describe as "an error prevention technology, that.
We felt a pang as we read about Specs and the memory of him still haunts us: The lean, slightly stopped man in the dark glasses walking slowly out of our office with an arm holding on to the marvelous lady who had waited upon him for every moment of their last 38 years together.
Ampacet's Reger suggests that customers ask their color/additive concentrate suppliers if they even have specs on all of their products--he suspects that many do not.
Once the engineer has identified a Keltech product line, detailed spec sheets can be downloaded from the website in a PDF format.
The Agilent 4070 Series with Linux can be ordered beginning October 1, including SPECS 3.
Based on the success of Techs & Specs, GlobalSpec has increased the number of product-specific e-newsletters it offers, in areas ranging from lights and lasers, to supply chain management, scientific instruments and more.
To inquire about purchasing the Specs/Eidogen-Sertanty Kinase-Targeted library, please contact Specs at info@specs.
SATA-IO completed the integrated spec today and ushered it into the final ratification process required by the organization's bylaws.
Building Specs also trains non-affiliated home inspectors from facilities in California, Maryland and Texas.
Recently named one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in Richmond, VA, RT Sunday is using the Plans & Specs system to help its building industry customers save time in document management, facilitate collaboration with project teams, and achieve a faster, more accurate print ordering and distribution process.