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SPECSSpeed Enforcement Camera System (road-rule enforcement)
SPECSSubmillimeter Probe of the Evolution of Cosmic Structure (NASA)
SPECSSpecial Protective Eyewear, Cylindrical System
SPECSStrategic Partnering to Evaluate Cancer Signatures (US NIH)
SPECSSoftware Professional Estimation and Collection System
SPECSSin, Promise, Example, Command, Significant Truth (Bible study method)
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We also believe, as the producer incorporating the RAS from Peerless into our HMA, that we can also meet the mix design requirements in the draft MoDOT spec.
This probably has no relationship to agency needs and reflects the lack of understanding, so common as to the product specs and the agency needs.
Taiyo Yuden, the first commercial CD-R manufacturer, is starting to produce write-once disks with a 16X recording spec.
Specs stopped writing for us after his 1968 contributions and that was the last we ever heard from or about him until 1989 when a small block of type in the obituary section of our morning newspaper caught our eye: "Specs Toporcer, Former Major League Ballplayer, 1899-1989.
Build only enough specs to keep your risk in check.
Ampacet's Reger suggests that customers ask their color/additive concentrate suppliers if they even have specs on all of their products--he suspects that many do not.
Once the engineer has identified a Keltech product line, detailed spec sheets can be downloaded from the website in a PDF format.
The Agilent 4070 Series with Linux can be ordered beginning October 1, including SPECS 3.
Based on the success of Techs & Specs, GlobalSpec has increased the number of product-specific e-newsletters it offers, in areas ranging from lights and lasers, to supply chain management, scientific instruments and more.
Under the terms of the co-marketing agreement, Specs will distribute the Kinase-focused library to its worldwide customer base of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, with Eidogen-Sertanty receiving royalties.
5 is a consolidated, integrated spec that includes the 3Gb/s feature, as well as other features like Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Staggered Spin-up, Hot Plug, Port Multiplier and eSATA.
The Criterion Tablet PC Solution gives home inspectors everything they need to do business while out in the field," said Stephen Showalter, founder and president of Building Specs Inc.