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3b) Spermatheca With a long narrow duct, which merges to an oval vesicle with small distal stipe (Fig.
Female: Cibarium with a row of 10-12 short, triangular horizontal teeth, one or two rows of large central vertical teeth and with patches of small vertical teeth at their sides; spermatheca globular, smooth, with rounded not produced capitelum; common spermathecal duct nearly inexistent, individual spermathecal ducts about two times the length of spermatheca .
Functional anatomy of the male reproductive system and female spermatheca in the snow crab Chionoecetes opilio (O.
Ensuring that the sperm are healthy after blood-feeding is important for the female's fertility as she reproduces after each feed, fertilising her eggs with sperm released from the spermatheca.
The fertilization duct defines the part of the duct that connects the spermatheca with the uterus externus that opens outside through genital opening (Sierwald, 1989; Senglet, 2004).
The spermatheca is fully formed and presents an evident and chitinised duct, with rare observation of some visible secretion inside it.
Insemination of queens was determined by removing the single spermatheca into a drop of saline and crushing the contents with a coverslip.
Then the abdomen was also boiled in 10 % KOH for 10 min and spermatheca was exposed by opening the terga as described by Memon and Ahmad (2002a) and Memon et al.
A large, granulate accessory gland leads into the seminal duct between its membranous and sclerotized parts (visible only in right spermatheca.
5B: rs), with a narrow, semicircular sclerite surrounding opening of spermathecal duct; spermathecal duct long, tortuous; intermediate part of spermatheca short, with relatively small proximal and distal ranges; apical receptacle of spermatheca simple, oval (Fig.
Observations of several species of each genus suggest that by the time the nesting period begins the female's spermatheca is loaded with sperm.
In reproduction, the male grasshopper transfers spermatozoa into the spermatheca through insertion of a spermatophore.