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On the other side, the spermatheca joins with a short (not visible on diagram) fertilization duct that carries the semen to the uterus externus (Fig.
It seems that this passage plays a role as a pathway for the sperm to flow from the male ejaculatory duct to the spermatheca.
Female postabdomen: 2 large spermathecae with prominently studded ducts and single smaller spermatheca of similar shape and ornamentation.
Single spermatheca on a much shorter and smaller duct, body densely covered with processes much like the paired spermathecal ducts.
In spite of this, the role of Yps in the insect spermatheca is still unknown.
Vitellogenin is differentially expressed in the spermatheca of the fertilized A.
Thus, males that encounter a virgin female would benefit from blocking the spermatheca of their mate and thereby reducing or preventing access to future rivals.
and 3) does the presence of a tip inside the female's spermatheca reduce the probability of another tip entering the spermatheca?
1995), or the presence of viable sperm in the spermatheca (Giebultowicz et al.
22), oval, ca 2x as long as wide; distal broadened membranous part of spermathecal duct about as long as spermatheca, distally connected to heavily sclerotised, curved tube (base of spermatheca?
The third and singular spermatheca is adjacent the opposite lateral oviduct and has a similar association with the remaining accessory gland.
ABSTRACT The size at onset sexual maturity in brachyurans can be evaluated considering different criteria, including growth allometry, gonad development stages, and presence of sperm in spermathecas or eggs in the abdomen.