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SPIFFStill Picture Interchange File Format
SPIFFSt. Paul International Film Festival (St. Paul, MN)
SPIFFStowarzyszenie Przedstawicieli Innowacyjnych Firm Farmaceutycznych (Polish: Representatives of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies)
SPIFFSociety for the Preservation of Interesting FoxTrot Fanfics (comic strip fan club; est. 1999)
SPIFFSales Promotion Incentive Fund (more commonly written as SPIF)
SPIFFSpecial Payment Incentive for Fast Sales (RadioShack)
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John and Spiff looked up to see the Gophers had gotten two men on, trying to make a game of it down 5-0 here in the bottom of the fourth to avoid their twenty-second consecutive loss.
Relatively few companies maintain ongoing spiff programs, which suggests that spiffs are most effective at producing short-term sales spurts rather than sustained growth.
It took a while to wean our suppliers off of their sales spiff programs, but it has worked well for us," says co-owner Wayne Miller.
For independent retailers, such as Farrey's, commissions and spiffs give salespeople that extra push.
Gray Davis has a chance to be a prince and sign legislation giving the Los Angeles Community College District a chance to spiff up its image.
The film's lineup of addled aristocrats includes well-bred young lady Emily (Georgina Cates), her Aunt Agnes (``Fawlty Towers' '' Prunella Scales) who's desperate to get the girl properly married off, oblivious brother Edward (Samuel West, who's actually appeared in films like ``Carrington'' and ``Howards End'') and Ed's school chum Cedric (Robert Portal), a spiff so stiff he even swims in a full suit of clothes.
On the heels of a code enforcement crackdown earlier this year on rundown properties, the new parking ordinance would give officials another tool in efforts to spiff up the city.