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SPIFFSSerial Peripheral Interface Flash File System
SPIFFSSpecial Payment Incentive for Fast Sales
SPIFFSSt. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society, Inc. (Florida)
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Our survey data highlights an important distinction between spiffs and MDF programs: Spiffs tend to be offered only during special promotional periods, such as product rollouts.
Plus, to introduce its products to this new customer base, Scale is offering a spiff of up to $1,000 per net-new customer signed in Q4 2010.
Along with discounts ranging from 20 percent to 50 percent off, Blish-Mize pays cash spiffs to dealers purchasing these assortments on the spot and offers them standard 90-days extended dating.
To that end, Mazda noted, "We don't allow manufacturers to play against each other, and we try to equalize spiffs on our floor as much as possible.
Cash spiffs offered to employees as sales incentives from our vendors are not allowed, unless initiated by ownership.
The program, which will soon be rolled out on a worldwide basis, provides certified partners with sales and marketing programs, including Co-Operative marketing, volume incentive rebates, spiffs, pre and post sales support, and training.
The calculation incorporates fees, splits, tiered spiffs, loan type and other factors that affect commissions, resulting in 100 percent accuracy.