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SPIKSykehuspersonalets Interessekontor (Norwegian hospital workers organization)
SPIKSerine Protease Inhibitor Kazal (protein)
SPIKSveriges Podenco Ibicenco Klubb (Norwegian: Sweden Ibizan Hound Club)
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Aleksandra Spik offers a discussion of the relations between organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behaviour, life satisfaction and organizational position, using a psychometric method with results interpreted by means of factor, cluster and variance analyses.
Jaeken J, Schachter H, Carchon H, De Cock P, Coddeville B, Spik G.
Aho ain his ked ethis STUDENT w suffered bra damage when h drink was spik in a Thailand bar is g ting ready to move into h own home and live ind pendently.
One night, we were even entertained by perky singer Manca Spik, before Slovenia 's returning Olympic medallists strode proudly on to the stage.
The British were fourth at 500m, Slovenia's Iztok Cop and Luka Spik setting the early pace.
Peter Spik, NODC's regional manager in Thunder Bay, stated that the size of the loan prohibits an immediate answer.
Organizational commitment was assessed with the Organizational Commitment Questionnaire--Polish version (OCQ-P, Spik, 2014).
Debray H, Decout D, Strecker G, Spik G, Montreuil J.