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SPINAStructure Parameter Inference Approach (diagnostical method for evaluation the function of hormonal control systems)
SPINASubscriber Personal Identification Number Access
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This study used a cross-sectional survey of 112 elementary school children with spina bifida who regularly attended scheduled follow-up appointments at the spina bifida clinic of a children's hospital in Seoul, Korea, and their parents.
Spina bifida, which means cleft or split spine, is a congenital defect that affects the spinal column, characterised by the incomplete development of the brain, spinal cord or the protective covering around both.
3%) had spinal dysraphism, with 15 having spina bifida, 11 tethered cord, 10 myelomeningocele, 7 diastematomyelia, 6 associated spinal lipomas, 3 had a dermal sinus tract, 2 myeloceles and 1 had an associated dermoid cyst.
Spina bifidali hastada fizik muayeneye inspeksiyon ile baslanir.
A person with spina bifida should be regularly followed up at a hospital for various reasons:
Gill and husband Tony, 37, a primary school head teacher, were first told their second child may have spina bifida when Gill was just 17 weeks pregnant.
Three years after her chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she began experiencing worsening fecal control, likely secondary to decreased perineal sensation, and was referred by her urologist to our adult spina bifida clinic.
Spina bifida is a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube.
We had heard about spina bifida but knew nothing about it when the doctor told us, we just knew that we had to be strong for William, to teach him not to let life defeat you.
com/health/spina-bifida/DS00417) Mayo Clinic , spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when a portion of the baby's neural tubes (the structure that forms in the embryo and develops into the brain and spine) don't develop properly or fully close.
Kelly Noble, was devastated when her baby boy Tylor was identified as having the most severe form of spina bifida - a fault in the development of the spine.
IRELAND has one of the highest incidences of Spina Bifida in the world.
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