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SPLATSecure Platform (Check Point Software Technologies, Inc)
SPLATSociety for the Protection of Our Lives Against Them (The Demon Headmaster book)
SPLatSimply Programmed Logic Automation Tool
SPLATSubstantive Patent Law Treaty (also seen as SPLT)
SPLATScattering from a Periodic Linear Array of Thin Wire Elements
SPLATStudio 2B Program Leadership Activities Team (Girl Scouts)
SPLATSquat Pray Leap Ahhh Touchdown (Drake and Josh TV series)
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Prestone, the maker of Bug Wash(R) windshield washer fluid, has partnered with Hostetler to educate people about splats on their windshield and the best way to remove the gunk left behind.
Even in its current concept demonstrator status, splat software delivers immediate value by helping software developers visualize the structure of applications, identify high-risk vulnerability areas and see a "digital fingerprint" of code structure and attributes.
WARNING: The TriggaSplat gun; GUN AND GAMES: A splat gun in action and left, the "safe" paintballs it fires at very high speed
Splat the Road Kill Kat: Unfortunately for Splat, he failed
Bubble Splat offers a range of hands-on activities for the young as well as the young at heart.
Chris Tarrant sent me a birthday card and left a voicemail on my phone telling me to have a great night and urging me to splat a few people with pies.
Red Splat Games was founded in 2014 by David Mulder (Creator/Programmer/Designer).
Splat Says Thank You is a good book for children because it teaches a lesson: just to be there for everyone when they're hurt or in trouble.
Rob Scotton's SPLAT AND THE COOL SCHOOL TRIP (9780062133661, $17.
Dr Dan Poulter visited The Splat Centre, in Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, yesterday to see what activities were on offer.
SPLAT joined forces with staff at the Yorkshire Building Society's Slaithwaite branch - and the result could be blooming wonderful
The Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade, in partnership with The Splat Centre in the town, is providing free Drop and Shop childcare places for parents who want to shop in the town in the run-up to Christmas.