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SPLSound Pressure Level
SPLSpanish Primera Liga (Soccer)
SPLScottish Premier League
SPLSeattle Public Library
SPLSurgical Planning Laboratory (Boston, MA)
SPLStaples (Amtrak station code; Staples, MN)
SPLScience Photo Library (education resource; UK)
SPLSoftware Products Library
SPLSeborga Luigini (currency of principality of Seborga)
SPLStructured Product Labeling
SPLSenior Patrol Leader (Boy Scouts of America)
SPLSound Performance Lab
SPLSoftware-PC (Personal Computer) Labeling
SPLSt. Paul's Lutheran (church; various locations)
SPLSamsung Printer Language
SPLScottish Poetry Library (UK)
SPLSpringfield Public Library (various locations)
SPLSwitch Path List
SPLSun Performance Library
SPLSun Public License
SPLSecurity Protocol Language
SPLSystem Programming Language
SPLShockwave Player
SPLSchedule Plus Library
SPLSynchronous Programming Language
SPLSpy Programming Language
SPLSplash Screen
SPLSpell Checker
SPLSpooling File
SPLSingle Point Level
SPLSignal Processing Library
SPLSound Programming Language
SPLService Priority Level
SPLService Provisioning Layer
SPLSample File
SPLSybyl Programming Language
SPLSpell Checker (File Name Extension)
SPLStored Procedure Language
SPLSha Po Lang (movie title)
SPLSun Public License (Sun Microsystems)
SPLStructured Programming Language
SPLSystème Productif Local (French: Local Productive System)
SPLSpace Propulsion Laboratory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
SPLSyosset Public Library (Syosset, NY)
SPLService Parts Logistics
SPLStretched Penile Length
SPLSpeech Language Pathologist
SPLSoftware Project Leader (various locations)
SPLSystem Programming Language (computer science)
SPLScientific Protein Laboratories LLC (Waunakee, WI)
SPLSystem Project Leader (various companies)
SPLSunnyvale Public Library (Sunnyvale, CA)
SPLSingle Point Lesson
SPLStudent Pilot License
SPLStaphage Lysate (Delmont Laboratories, Inc.)
SPLSet Priority Level
SPLSterling Public Library (various locations)
SPLSingle Premium Life (life insurance)
SPLSimple Programming Language
SPLSignal Processing Language
SPLSuperconducting Proton Linac
SPLSouthwest Public Library (Ohio)
SPLScarborough Public Library (Scarborough, Maine)
SPLSpare Parts List
SPLSingle Purchase Limit
SPLScout Patrol Leader
SPLSouthern Conference on Programmable Logic
SPLSigourney Public Library (Iowa)
SPLStrokes per Length (swimming)
SPLSubjective Pain Level (patients)
SPLSkill Proficiency Level (various organizations)
SPLSecond Program Loader (boot loader)
SPLState Procurement Law (various locations)
SPLSpencer Public Library (Spencer, IA)
SPLStewartville Public Library (Stewartville, MN)
SPLSpare Parts Logistics
SPLStandard PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) Library (computer programming)
SPLShepherdstown Public Library (Shepherdstown, WV)
SPLScott Paper Limited (now Kruger Products Limited)
SPLSiam Photon Laboratory (Thailand)
SPLSingle Pedestal Left (US FEMA)
SPLSentence Plan Language
SPLSupplementary Flight Plan
SPLSignal Perfection Limited
SPLSystems and Practices Laboratory
SPLSwampscott Public Library (Swampscott, MA)
SPLSubjective Poverty Line
SPLStudent Pupil Leader (India)
SPLSchool Pupil Leader
SPLSpent Potlinings
SPLSingle Point Load (transducer)
SPLSelf-Proclaimed Leader
SPLSaint Pachomius Library
SPLSpecial Processing Laboratory (US NSA)
SPLSplit Phase Level
SPLSolar Pumped Laser
SPLSistina Public License
SPLSecond Pressure Level
SPLService de Police de Laval
SPLSpecial-Purpose License
SPLStall Cycles per Load Instruction
SPLSpiritual Life Retreat (retreat for churches in MN)
SPLSpan of Loops
SPLSoftware Prototyping Laboratory
SPLSpool Parameter List
SPLSoftware Pipelining Loop
SPLSix Pack Lions
SPLSenior Practice Leader
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For 15 years, she worked as a spooler at the former ITT Suprenant of Clinton, retiring in 1991.
The system uses a PowerLine E laser, integrated label spooler, cutting system, operator interface, and standard 120V/230V power connection (no factory air or water required).
For fifteen years, Ida worked as a spooler at the former ITT Suprenant of Clinton, retiring in 1991.
Spooler model PSW can be used either behind the production line (thus avoiding the costs associated with offline unwinding, slitting, rewinding, as well as handling and inventory of master rolls) or in a stand-alone converting line.
News; two Sun RipExpress, Sun Sparc workstations, two ExpressMaster 6000 drum recorders with online processors and Monologic interface between RipExpress and two Autologic APS 108 imagers for the Dayton Daily News; Sun RipExpress, Sun Sparc workstation, ExpressMaster 4550, ProofExpress, and RIP and Color Central OPI spooler upgrades for the Macon (Ga.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Sheave Positioning Mechanism And Modification Of Spooler Carriage Of Whs
CW Spooler VVA load of bull BBC sport has surely reached rock bottom in televising the current third and fourth division 'world' darts championship, especially so close to the tremendous 'proper' world event so recently concluded.
Pierce was a spooler at the former Hayward Schuster Woolen Co.
0 transmission protocol, JPEG-compatible image compression on a chip from C-Cube (in place of a Compander for the analog model) and a built-in spooler capable of holding 150 to 200 compressed images (in place of the analog model's add-on Leafspooler).