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SPOUTSpark Output (automotive)
SPOUTSample Procurement Orifice for Unified Testing (engineering)
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First and foremost, the telescoping ability of the spout allows placement directly into an open container.
The design was a technical challenge for RPC Promens, as the container had to be have a spout suitable for easy-access to the many differently-located vehicle filler caps on a range of diesel cars.
The pump sucks the water up through a tube and out of the spout, where it trickles or falls into the cistern below and then back out again.
Once the operator connects the bag straps and activates the inflatable bag spout collar, the Rear-Post Bulk Bag Filler automatically pivots the fill head to horizontal, inflates the bag to remove creases, and activates a flow control inlet valve or feed conveyor.
Hopkins FloTool also makes a Spill Saver Oil Spout (No.
Mum Abigail Walker, 28, was forced to put 21-month-old Violet across her knee and slap her back when the plastic spout, which is part of the cup lid, came off in her mouth.
Caption: Steam movement in kettle Pressurized steam moving past the plates (black) in a tea kettle's spout produces vortices that split off and generate acoustic waves (orange), creating a whistling sound.
No spouts to open or lids to remove--simply press the button to drink and release the button to automatically seal, ideal for on-the-go drinking.
Essentially, says Adler, the spout was going off every minute from 8 a.
The horse which had come from Newmarket, the spiritual home of flat racing, cost his father PS120 and after naming it Up The Spout, Jeff qualified the horse with the Glamorgan Hunt.
Grohe, a global brand for sanitary products and systems, has launched a new range of touch-sensitive kitchen faucets that can be operated simply by touching the spout or the faucet body.
The pivoting spout for the grain tank unload auger for Case IH 230 Series Axial-Flow [R] combines is an industry-exclusive option that saves time and grain by allowing the operator to move the unloading grain stream in or out with an in-cab control.