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SPUNSociety for Pudendal Neuralgia
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And while she gayly sung, the little weavers spun their silken threads, the flies on glittering wings flew lovingly above her head, and over all the golden light shone softly down.
The other seems to draw its strength from the very soul of the world, its formidable ally, held to obedience by the frailest bonds, like a fierce ghost captured in a snare of something even finer than spun silk.
7 : to move swiftly on wheels or in a vehicle <The car spun away.
SPUN SUPPORTS Electrospinning could have its biggest impact producing scaffolding for the emerging field of tissue engineering.
Early in the war coarse yarn continued to be hand spun, but sustained war-time demand for this yarn only increased efforts, already underway, to mechanize flax spinning.