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SPURSSpecial Program in Urban and Regional Studies (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
SPURSService, Patriotism, Understanding, Responsibility, and Sacrifice (University of Puget Sound)
SPURSSuper People Using Riding Skills (Girl Scouts)
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Daylight grunted, driving in spurs and quirt again and again.
When, after a time, Bob attempted to ease down the mad pace, spurs and quirt went into him again with undiminished vim and put him to renewed effort.
Daylight put a stop to this with spurs and quirt, running him several punishing miles in the direction of his bolt.
He noted that Bob whirled to the right, and resolved to keep him straightened out by a spur on the left.
I guess the way to fix you is to keep the spur just a-touching--ah
There is no more to say, but east and west, In go the speares sadly in the rest, In goth the sharp spur into the side, There see men who can just and who can ride; There shiver shaftes upon shieldes thick, He feeleth through the heart-spone the prick; Up springen speares, twenty feet in height, Out go the swordes to the silver bright; The helms they to-hewn and to-shred; Out burst the blood with stern streames red.
The foundation of their airy castles lay already before them in the strip of rich alluvium on the river bank, where the North Fork, sharply curving round the base of Devil's Spur, had for centuries swept the detritus of gulch and canyon.
Spurs look a team that seem much happier on their travels and how often do we see a promoted team start well only to start fading as the stagger unwinds?
Adande, ESPN: Celtics, Cavaliers, Raptors, Wizards, Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Clippers
Another approach could be to increase the number of flowers per acre -- but that approach demands more information on the eco-physiological basis that regulates flowering of almond spurs (short lateral shoots that are the main flowering and fruit bearing units in mature almond trees -- see illustration).
The 1st gonapophysis in species of Neoplea is a rectangular structure with a generally species-specific pattern of rows of spurs that are directed posteriorly and slightly dorsally.
Bone spurs in the feet can be troubling, because, depending on their location, the spurs can hurt with every step.