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SPUTUMSubgenius Police, Usenet Tactical Unit, Mobile
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81 Per SA national guidelines, TB diagnosis before Xpert MTB/RIF rollout relied on sputum smear microscopy on two different samples from an individual suspected of having pulmonary TB, taken on different days or on the same day at least 1 hour apart.
People suffering from acute cases of hemoptysis or bloody sputum have high mortality risk.
In such a scenario, identification of factors associated with persistent sputum positivity at the end of IP may be helpful in stratifying such patients.
To determine the clinical significance of dysregulated expressions of ncRNAs in tissue and sputum for diagnosis of NSCLC, expression changes of 6 cancer-associated ncRNAs, miR-223, miR-212, miR-192, miR-3074, SNORD33 and SNORD37, in 17 NSCLC patients and 17 cancer free subjects were evaluated.
Microbiologically confirmed Pulmonary tuberculosis: refers to a presumptive pulmonary TB patient with sputum positive for acid-fast bacilli or positive for Mycobacterium tuberculosis on culture, or positive for tuberculosis through quality assured rapid molecular diagnostic test.
To investigate the composition and diversity of the microbiome of airway, we analyzed and compared the microbiota of BALF, sputum, and OWF using bacterial 16S rRNA gene sequencing technique.
Total of 615 sputum samples were collected from both out and in-patients suffering from respiratory tract infections over 12 month period from January to December 2014.
Driven by the growing need for robust methods to isolate and purify DNA for molecular detection, the NIH is seeking a simple, cost-effective device to process sputum and stabilise the purified DNA for downstream processing, even in the harsh environmental conditions of TB endemic areas.
The study applied the following inclusion criteria: 1) sputum samples with a Q score of at least 1+, and 2) AFB smear positive on microscopy.
All patients underwent sputum smear microscopy along with Complete Blood Count and ESR at the time of enrollment.
Updated labeling for the Xpert MTB/RIF Assay includes the recommendation that the decision whether to test one or two sputum specimens in determining the need for continued All should be based on specific clinical circumstances and institutional guidelines.