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On this buccaneering expedition, Rear Admiral Du Petit Thouars, leaving the rest of his squadron at the Marquesas,--which had then been occupied by his forces about five months--set sail for the doomed island in the Reine Blanche frigate.
I knew it," replied a piping voice, and Lieutenant Telyanin, a small officer of the same squadron, entered the room.
When the other vessels of the squadron caught the meaning of the signals flashed them they took up the wild acclaim and unfurled her colors in the gleaming sunlight.
The first squadron moved off; the second followed, and descended from the plateau.
At this instant the squadron, that ought to have protected Charles's retreat, was advancing to meet the English regiments.
Crooks was seated in the second canoe of the squadron, and had an old experienced Canadian for steersman, named Antoine Clappine, one of the most valuable of the voyageurs.
This disastrous event brought the whole squadron to a halt, and struck a chill into every bosom.
Addressing the audience at the occasion, the Air Chief said that 'the concepts of the future fighter pilots have to be embedded in a manner that they go from this squadron to high-tech fighter aircraft and quickly embrace those concepts'.
A well crafted documentary, encompassing the glorious history of this magnificent squadron was also shown in the ceremony.
Last year the squadron was placed fourth out of 30 squadrons for their sporting abilities.
Over the years, the squadron served under many designations including the First Air Squadron, Marine Observation Squadron 1 and 8, Marine Scouting Squadron 2, Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 231 and Marine Fighter Squadron 231.
This year, 163 Squadron took 32 cadets to the training day and they returned to Coventry victorious in the drill competition, the banner drill competition, the rifle shooting competition, the open age aircraft recognition competition and the aircraft modelling competition.