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As Flight 2501 passed over Battle Creek, Michigan at 11:51 p.m., it approached the leading edge of the squall line, which--unbeknownst to the pilots--had changed direction and was now racing south directly down Lake Michigan.
Some of last November's disasters began in a squall line. Unlike a supercell, this line made up of individual thunderstorms can stretch for hundreds of miles.
These fearsome funnel clouds, usually spawned along a squall line, can wreak widespread destruction with little, if any, warning.
This SI filament became collocated with an ongoing severe squall line, and stratospheric ozone was transported directly to sea level when entrained into the squall-line gust front.
For all the pilot knows, s/he might be entering the end of a squall line and is about to track through the long way.
"There's a squall line moving through the area," Don Harrigan, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Tallahassee, said, (https://6abc.com/weather/at-least-10-dead-as-storms-possible-tornados-hit-deep-south/5165674/) 6ABC reported .
A strong squall line accompanied by disastrously strong surface winds occurred over Henan Province from around noon on 3 June to early morning of 4 June 2009.
For that reason, the National Weather Service recommends that people use caution when swimming in the Great Lakes or venturing out onto piers before or after a squall line passes through.
Thirteen states have been affected by the derecho, or squall line of fast-forming, long-lived, violent, convective (electrical) storms that travel hundreds of miles at speeds that may top 90 mph.
On one occasion, I left the airplane in its hangar and delayed my departure to let a squall line pass through.