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SQSingapore Airlines
SQSound Quality
SQService Quality (TL 9000)
SQSqueezed (Files)
SQStock Quote
SQSpace Quest
SQSquall (METAR weather)
SQSureté du Québec (Provincial Police)
SQSuper Quiet
SQSigma Quality (Six Sigma quality benchmark)
SQSeismically Qualified
SQSouth Qeynos (gaming, Everquest)
SQSocial Quotient (Van Sloan)
SQStupid Question
SQSignal Quality
SQSignificant Quantity (nuclear weapons, fission: IAEA term for the amount of fissile material necessary)
SQSpecial Quotation (Japanese stock market)
SQSystemizing Quotient
SQScalar Quantization
SQSan Quentin Prison (San Quentin, CA)
SQSoldier Qualification (Canadian Forces)
SQStereo Quadraphonic (Columbia Records quadraphonic system)
SQStudent Questionnaire
SQSide-Quest (gaming)
SQStephan's Quintet
SQSystème Qualité (French: Quality System)
SQShortest Queue
SQSubject to Quotation
SQSlack Quenching
SQSound Que (theater terminology)
SQSafety Quotient
SQSquad member but no letter (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
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Least popular was Morrisons 100 Per Cent Squeezed Spanish Orange Juice With Juicy Bits.
In this case, the agent's manipulation of Bond's bag was an infringement of Bond's reasonable expectation of privacy because he felt Bond's bag in an exploratory manner when he squeezed it.
But their premium brand, which is freshly squeezed orange juice is seen as a drink for special occasions and tends to be bought more at weekends.
more expeditious state law filings or an implication that, if target shareholders are being squeezed out, the target should be disappearing).
HOLIDAY PUNCH: In a punch bowl, combine, then chill in the refrigerator: a fifth of rum, one cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, two cups of cranberry juice, 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice and 1/3 cup of simple syrup.
She squeezed them rhythmically until they shook like blobs of gelatin.
24 Nature, he and his coauthors describe how they carefully squeezed hydrogen gas until it became solid, then captured its image at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, the world's brightest X-ray instrument.
Over the years, researchers have prodded, stretched, squeezed, illuminated, and even smashed atoms into yielding their quantum secrets.