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Does not scripture (sruti) teach that brahman is "Reality, Knowledge, Infinite"?
This element of association as a prerequisite seems to be a unique contribution of Baladeva to the discussion on the meaning of "atha." Baladeva refers to chapter seven of the Chandogya Upanisad, stating that Narada desired to know the truth after meeting Sanatkumara; thus sruti narrative is used to demonstrate the connection between association and a desire to know the truth.
According to Hinduism, Sruti is the infallible revelation received by the Rishis and all the theological discussion regarding the orthodox Hinduism should be based on the Sruti literature.
Short skit and play reading (sruti natak) were added as part of the variety entertainment
Anamika Saha and Sruti Desai, college students, have found the book to be an answer to their deepest desire- to remain ever young.
sakhl sabadl dohard, kahi kihanl upakhana bhagati nirupahi bhagata kali, nimdahim beda purana sruti sammata hari bhaktipatha, samjuta birati bibeka tehi pariharahim bimoha basa, (44) kalpahim pamtha aneka sakala dharama biparita kali, kalpita koti kupamtha punya parayapahara bana, durepurana subha gramtha (D 554-56; D 555 = RCM 7,100 doha b) sakhis, sabads, doha they recite, and tell stories and tales.
Borrowed from the Mlmamsa theory of the efficacy of Vedic ritual, this term gets applied in dharmasastra to define "how to know the law," i.e., its sources: veda (or sruti), smrti, and acara, or 'revelation', 'tradition', and 'community norm' (p.
Therefore, since it is a standard principle of Brahmanical hermeneutics (Mimamsa) that a specific rule overrides a general one, the smrth that enjoin sahagamana are of sufficient authority in this case to overrule sruti. In other words, Apararka concludes that those sruth that prohibit suicide apply everywhere except for the specific case of sahagamana, where the less general rules of the various smrtis apply.