ssDNASingle-Stranded DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
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Molecular characterization of a novel cassava associated circular ssDNA virus.
For instance, curcumin might act as inhibitor of the binding of RecA protein to the ssDNA induced by levofloxacin.
Instead, in vivo DNA replication methods for most organisms rely on a class of enzymes known as DNA helicases, which act to locally unwind dsDNA to create small ssDNA regions suitable for polymerase activity.
Analysis of the attP sites of CUS-1[PHI] and Ypf-[PHI] phages revealed features for direct ssDNA integration into the chromosome dimer resolution site harboured by their respective host cells (38).
3) Using this information it is possible to derive an equation where the only unknown is the amount of dsDNA in a sample, thus making it possible to quantify the ratio of single-to double-stranded DNA and hence DNA damage, since the percentage of ssDNA is a direct measure of DNA damage.
Under their protocol, the fractionated DNA was packaged into a phagemid or phage vector and an ssDNA library was obtained.
Peter Glazer at Yale University, to develop a mouse model producing triplex-forming oligonucleotides (TFOs) using ssDNA expression systems.
In addition to the parent patent of the original version of the company's proprietary TroVec(TM) ssDNA intracellular expression vector, the international patents include the latest refinement, a single plasmid system for direct enzymatic synthesis of ssDNA (EnzSyn(TM))
This is a key element of DNA 'Strand Sequencing', where DNA bases are identified in sequence as ssDNA is ratcheted through a nanopore.
Rapidly expanding genetic diversity and host range of the Circoviridae viral family and other Rep encoding small circular ssDNA genomes.
This kit adapts Clontech's patented SMART technology in an innovative manner for use with low-input samples, including both dsDNA and ssDNA templates, to generate ChIP-seq libraries for NGS.
Note the restriction to dsDNA; this is because ssDNA can fold up in random shapes, so there's no reliable relationship between length of an ssDNA molecule and its hydrodynamic properties.