ssDNASingle-Stranded DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
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When they treated the bacteria with enzymes to free up the ssDNA, they could isolate it, and then fold it into its target structure.
Lazarowitz, 1992) need for accumulation of ssDNA (Qin et
Phylogenetic analysis of REP sequences showed that HV-CV1 and its closest homologue, an ssDNA circular virus of unknown taxon discovered in an Antarctic shelf pond, are distantly related to other CRESS-DNA viruses (online Technical Appendix Figure 2).
To initiate in vitro selection, 5 nmol of the ssDNA pool was diluted in 1000 [micro]l of binding buffer, denatured by heating at 95[degrees]C for 5 min and snap cooled on ice for 15 min.
The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit makes it possible to further expand the benefits of SMART technology into other NGS applications, allowing the company to address the needs of those researchers working with low inputs of either dsDNA or ssDNA for NGS applications, Lou added.
Detection of antibodies (Stern et al, 2007), ssDNA (Kim et al, 2007), virus (Patolsky et al.
For instance, curcumin might act as inhibitor of the binding of RecA protein to the ssDNA induced by levofloxacin.
Instead, in vivo DNA replication methods for most organisms rely on a class of enzymes known as DNA helicases, which act to locally unwind dsDNA to create small ssDNA regions suitable for polymerase activity.
Maxwell (1994) Whitefly transmission and efficient ssDNA accumulation of bean golden mosaic geminivirus requires functional coat protein.
Pre-programmed Applications : dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, and Oligonucleotides, Protein UV (A280), Protein Dye, Bradford, Lowry, BCA, Biuret, Cell density