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For this example, CASE A, the computed escape time stabilizes as the time step in the integration scheme decreases.
As drivers in the simulator were confronted with spinout conditions, they were provided cues to guide their maneuvers and help them stabilize the simulated car.
In the wet end, seven kajaaniMCAi analyzers measure total stock consistency including ash, five kajaaniRMi analyzers are used to control retention and white water consistency, two kajaaniCATi analyzers report cationic charge demand to stabilize wet end chemistry, and a kajaaniKSF measures furnish freeness.
It has made significant progress in reducing its cost structure and using this as a method to stabilize and modestly improve market position.
blue helmets will be set up to stabilize the situation, along the lines that we've done in Sierra Leone, and once the situation is calmer and stabilized, U.S.
Corporate and IR communicators, who had worked diligently to build investor interest, initiated a strategic communication program to stabilize investor opinions, educate them about the nature of the problem and Ashanti's recovery plans, rebuild investor interest and, thus, restore the stock price.
However, climate changes that stabilize dunes into more permanent geological formations essentially freeze them in time, transforming them into chronicles of the weather patterns that sculpted their shape.
Mullen calls that good news for the industry, because once well-underwritten and well-managed projects stabilize, the risk-adjusted return to lenders is quite high.
Once the adjustment happens, prices will stabilize."
Specific alloys are deliberately added to molten gray iron to form, refine and stabilize its pearlite.
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