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STAGService Tag
STAGScottish Transport Appraisal Guidance
STAGState and Tribal Assistance Grants
STAGSentry Duty
STAGSteam and Gas (GE's combined cycle power generation equipment)
STAGSouth Tyneside and Gateshead (UK)
STAGSecurity Techniques Advisory Group
STAGShobnall Traffic Action Group (UK)
STAGSaber Tanker Aerial Group (aircraft refueling)
STAGStrategic and Technical Advisory Group (WHO)
STAGSpecial Task Air Group (US Navy)
STAGSystems Technical Advisory Group (CMS)
STAGSmart Tactical Autonomous Guidance
STAGSociety of Travel Agents in Government
STAGSustainable Tourism Action Group (UK)
STAGSpecial Tactics Airsoft Group (various locations)
STAGState and Tribal Assistance Grant Programs
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Scarcely had he spoken when he saw the stag veer about and fix its glances rigidly on the bushes to the left side of the glade.
She advanced, unconscious alike of Robin's horrified gaze and the evil fury of the stag.
But now as she caught sight of the stag she pursed her lips as though she would whistle to it.
The stag stopped, turned, and lowered its head preparing to gore her to death.
While Robin and Marian were having their encounter with the stag, Little John, Much the miller's son, and Will Scarlet had sallied forth to watch the highroad leading to Barnesdale, if perchance they might find some haughty knight or fat priest whose wallet needed lightening.
Then is this Unknown the only person who saw the stag killed?
Marry, NO man SAW the killing, but this Unknown saw this hardy wretch near to the spot where the stag lay, and came with right loyal zeal and betrayed him to the forester.
We took our traps into the Stag, and laid them down in the hall.
A kind-hearted bargeman, however, who happened to be in the tap-room, thought we might try the grocer's, next door to the Stag, and we went back.
The children stopped their crying, Lamai retied Jerry with the stick, Lenerengo harangued herself breathless, and Lumai departed with hurt feelings for the canoe house where stags could sleep in peace and Marys pestered not.
That night, in the circle of his fellow stags, Lumai recited his sorrows and told the cause of them--the puppy dog which had come on the Arangi.
Vortex Companies, a trenchless rehabilitation services company, has acquired Utah based Stag Technologies, a high-performance coatings manufacturer catering the water, sewer and industrial infrastructure marketplace.